White House Christmas Decoration Honors Frontline Staff of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Washington – The Christmas decorations unveiled on Monday for the first Christmas at the White House in Joe and Jill Biden honors frontline workers who have persevered through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nurses, doctors, teachers, grocery store workers and others are recognized in this year’s gigantic gingerbread White House, which was turned into a 350-pound gingerbread village with the addition of a school and stations. police, fire and gasoline, as well as a hospital, post office, grocery store and warehouse, to honor the workers who continued to perform their jobs.

Fewer people are likely to see the ornate mansion in person this year as public tours remain suspended due to the continuing threat of COVID-19.

However, videos, photos, and other details can be viewed at WhiteHouse.gov/Holidays.

The theme is “Gifts from the heart.”

In her speech thanking the volunteers for the decoration, the first lady explained the vision behind her theme, speaking of unity and her idea of ​​bringing the whole world together around faith, family and community. friendship, gratitude and service, and love for one’s community.

“Despite all our differences, we are united by what really matters”, said. “Like the points of a star, we unite in the heart. That is what I have wanted to reflect in our White House this year. In each room we tell a story of gifts from the heart ”.

The first lady, a longtime college-level teacher, invited Maryland’s second graders for the Christmas decorations unveiling Monday.

According to the White House, these items are inspired by the people the president and first lady met during their travels around the country this year.

Frontline personnel are also depicted in the iridescent doves and shooting stars that illuminate the corridor of the East Colonnade, “representing the peace and light that all frontline workers and first responders have brought to us during the pandemic. ”Says the electronic guide.

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