While the goalkeeper from Argentina made fun of El Tri, what Almeyda said about Mexico

Emiliano Martinez / Matias Almeyda
Emiliano Martinez / Matias Almeyda

The World Cup for qatar 2022 is ready, and the Selection mexican He seeks to close his friendlies in the best way to reach the long-awaited World Cup call. Undoubtedly a subject of eternal debate, since there will always be dissatisfied and satisfied about which players will represent Mexico.

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In the case of El Tri, whoever is in the group stage with the Selection Argentina It opens that sore and friction with which the previous ones between two soccer nations have always heated up. The first case could be the reaction of drawing MartinezCeleste’s goalkeeper, who commented that the Mexican team will be easy to beat.

Interestingly, an Argentine coach, loved by River Plate and by Guadalajara, decided to talk about Mexican soccer: Matthias Almeida. The now DT of AEK in Athens left a strong message, as he commented that most of the criticism of certain Argentine fans originates from ignorance.

Almeyda’s words about Mexican soccer

“Argentina despises Mexico, but a large part of South American soccer lives off of Mexican soccer” these were the words of the Argentine coach, which did not sit well with some spectators from their place of origin. Without a doubt, there will be more statements prior to the long-awaited meeting that will heat up the game.

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