While Messi and Dibu humiliated Mexico, the Argentine coach who would reach the Tri

Mexico would have a new DT from Argentina
Mexico would have a new DT from Argentina

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be marked in the history books of the Mexican team as it is their worst participation in the last 40 years when they were eliminated in the group stage, all because of Gerardo Martino.

In the entire history of the world cups, a team has never been champion with a coach who is not from the same country, but in Mexico it seems that non-Mexican coaches like Osorio or Martino attract a lot of attention.

More news from the Mexican National Team:

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DT world champion says yes to Mexico, he would arrive at Tri tomorrow

It seems that the FMF does not learn from mistakes and is already looking for training for 2026 and there are already several options on the table, but in the last few hours the rumor has grown strongly that an Argentine would come to the bench again.

The Argentine who would arrive at Tri.

After the terrible passage of Gerardo Martino, the Argentine coach who would reach the Mexican National Team would be Ricardo Gareca, who did an excellent job with Peru but despite that, it is not known if the fans would accept him in a good way after all that has happened between Argentina and Mexico due to the bad attitudes of Messi and Dibu Martínez towards the country.

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