While Dibu Martínez celebrates Christmas in a big way, what Carlos Vela does

What Dibu does at Christmas and what Carlos Vela does
What Dibu does at Christmas and what Carlos Vela does

Emiliano Martinez He is one of the figures that generated controversy in the Soccer World Cup. According to Le Equipé de France, the player is resisted in France and in Europe for his extra-sports behavior.

The source even cited the case of a collection of signatures, in order to remove the title from the selection of Argentina and to penalize the same player. In this sense, the player was criticized all over the world for his actions.

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But now, while Emiliano Martínez shows on social networks, he shows that he celebrates Christmas in a big way, because on another side of the world, there is also a player who generates controversy in how he celebrates Christmas.

What did Carlos Vela do for Christmas?

The Mexican player showed on his social networks that he celebrates by promoting a drink for this type of celebration that takes place for Christmas or the New Year.

Carlos Vela promotes a drink in networks

Emiliano Martínez receives a Christmas present

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