Which of the new improvements to the Shapeshifters event is the most interesting? + Solution of the SBC’s

It’s Monday and that means it’s home improvement day. FIFA 22 UltimateTeam. In this article we are going to solve a series of SBC‘s that can help you if you are looking for the transferable Shapeshifters. Before that, you can take a look at the review of a very good french center back that is a bargain.

All of these upgrades will expire on Friday June 24 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsular time). These challenges will be repeatable No limit, except for the player pick +85, which we can only do once every 48 hours. All letters we receive from these DCPs will be non-transferable.

SBC “Player’s Choice 85+”

Reward: A single player’s choice of average 85 or higher (we must choose one of four options).

  • Min 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)
  • Min Star Value of the team: 84
  • Min Team Chemistry: 70
1 92
68,600 coins on PS, 65,500 on Xbox and 69,850 on PC

SBC “Player’s Choice 81+”

Reward: A single player’s choice of average 81 or higher (we must choose one of three options).

  • Min 1 player: Unique
  • Player Quality: Min. Gold
  • Min Team Chemistry: 40
1 93
6,750 coins on PS, 8,000 on Xbox and 5,900 on PC

SBC “Upgrade x5 75+”

Reward: a pack of five players with an average of 75 or higher.

  • Min 2 players: Gold
  • Exactly 11 Players: Rare
  • Player Quality: Min. Silver
  • Min Team Chemistry: 30
1 94
7,950 coins on PS, 8,900 on Xbox and 8,500 on PC

SBC “Improvement from 82-88”

Reward: a pack of a player with an average between 82 and 88.

  • Min. 2 players: Unique
  • Player Quality: Min. Gold
  • Min Team Chemistry: 25
1 95
3,700 coins on PS, 3,600 on Xbox and 2,950 on PC

SBC “Triple improvement 71-74”

Reward: a pack of three players with an average between 71 and 74.

  • Min. 3 players: Unique
  • Player Quality: Min. Bronze
  • Min Team Chemistry: 20
1 96
1,400 coins on PS, 1,450 on Xbox and 1,550 on PC

SBC “Upgrade x5 60-64”

Reward: a pack of five players with an average between 60 and 64.

  • Player Quality: Min. Bronze
  • Min Team Chemistry: 20
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC Upgrades Shapeshifters
1,200 coins on PS, 1,200 on Xbox and 1,200 on PC

The Player Pick +85 is the typical SBC that you can complete if you have a lot of coins or averages, since the losses are not going to be very big. But it doesn’t convince us as much as other Squad Building Challenges that arrived a few days ago. There is a good chance that it will go wrong and very competitive SBC players have recently appeared for low prices, such as the cases of Chiellini either Philip Anderson. Therefore, if your budget is not very high, we advise you to let it go.

About bronze and silver upgradesits main utility will be sacrificing useless low-average non-transferable cards to try to get more or less decent footballers for the new free pack tournaments.

Since those friendlies follow the “Maximum Chemistry” rules, you can use any player you want as long as they’re bronze or silver. Apart from that, if you feel like it and have free time, you could make the SBC’s constantly to transform the players who go out in attempts in the improvement of five +75.

The five +75 upgrade requires eleven unique players to be sacrificed, two must be gold, and the minimum level is silver. So with the bronze and silver upgrades, we can get those unique silver players that we’ll use on the five +75 upgrade itself. So that is a method to try to get non-transferable high socks.

And lastly, say that both the five +75 upgrade and the +81 player pick are very useful for sacrificing low value untradeable cards from the club. But we prefer the player pick before the improvement, because of the media restriction. Although if you have many unique silvers in your club, you can also try your luck with the improvement itself.

Here you can consult Giorgio Chiellini’s End of an Era SBC analysis. If you want to know when we upload articles, you can join the Telegram broadcast channel and if you have any kind of doubt, write us in the comments or do it on Twitter (@utaldia).

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