Which method of fertilization would Altair Jarabo use to become a mother?

Altair is a well-known actress (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)
Altair is a well-known actress (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)

The actress Altair Jarabo opened his heart and confessed that plans await him in the future. In this sense he mentioned if being a mom is a viable option.

It was during a meeting with the media, where the artist said that she still does not expect to have children and you want to enjoy this time of infatuation with your husband.

No, no, no (babies not yet), little moment. Let’s go step by step. I do not rule it out, but I want to enjoy it (her husband) for a little while to myself, “she said.

Despite this, Jarabo delved into that motherhood is not a foreign issue to her And, although at this moment it is not his priority, he does have several options contemplated for a future such as the freeze your eggs.

Altair Jarabo recently got married (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)
Altair Jarabo recently got married (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)

“I do not rule it out, it is more, I always encourage women to make that responsible decision and to buy time. There should be no taboo, it is a tool of science, of technology, which, on the contrary, It is like insurance that I hope is not used, but it is there in case something happens in life because you never know, “he said.

When Altair Jarabo revealed that she was in a relationship with the French Frédéric Garcia, some opinions highlighted that there was a big age differenceWhile the telenovela actress is 35 years old, the businessman is 54. At first it took almost three months for them to publicly share that they had started a relationship.

Although the television star did not give details about the moment, the husband and wife today met at a meeting. Altair revealed in February of this year to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda that he did want “the complete package”, that is, since then he planned to marry and have children; although at that time he did not reveal the identity of his partner.

The actress does not want to be a mother for now (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)
The actress does not want to be a mother for now (Photo: Instagram / @ altairjarabo)

Frédéric Garcia was born on September 15 in Tolouse, in the south of France, He is currently 53 years old and on his Instagram account he hardly shares content beyond landscapes, a postcard with his now wife and some photographs of himself visiting Mexico. His professional field is far from the show, since his specialty is international business and administrative areas.

Regarding their relationship, Altair mentioned that the businessman is not jealous and respects her spaces on social networks, as she does not have negative reactions when she uploads photos in a bikini. “It doesn’t go that way. There has never been a discussion about it. I am at peace I feel like it can be me, and I feel very good “, declared in the YouTube program At Mara’s house.

“Right now I am in a relationship, I had not said it before, but I have been in a relationship for three months. It is going very well, it is going very pretty. Yes I would like the whole package, I am not lying to you, I would like to get married and have children. With the right person it is a path that I would like “she commented when she first spoke publicly about her now husband.

Jarabo is not an actress who is characterized by sharing every detail of her private life with her fans, so she reserved sharing the beginning of their relationship for a while, the fact that they have recently married made it clear that Frédéric is the person with whom you want to start a family, since in that interview he specified that a marriage or having children should be reserved for someone special.


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