Where to see ‘El internado’, the series that made Ana de Armas known to the public

Between 2007 and 2010, the series The intership managed to occupy a relevant space among the Spanish public. A series that had among its creators one of the great names of the national scene: Daniel Ecijaresponsible for the creation of Family doctor, Companions, A step forward, The Serranos, Paco’s men either eye to eyeamong other renowned productions.

Millennials grew up on this drama set at Laguna Negra boarding school, whose seven seasons (71 episodes) are currently available through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Y Atresplayer.

The intership account the history of the students and teachers of the Laguna Negra boarding school, which is located isolated in the middle of a forest. A place full of dark secrets and great enigmaswhere Jacinta (Amparo Baró) is in charge of everything and Héctor (Luis Merlo) is the director of the center.

Among the students we found the Marcos brothers (Martino Rivas) and Paula (Carlota García), as well as the young Carolina (Anne of Arms), Victory (Elena Furious), Ivan (yon gonzalez), Evelyn (Denisse Peña), Julia (Blanca Suarez), Cayetano (Fernando Tielve) or Roque (Daniel Retuerta), among many others. A series that caused a huge uptick in the popularity of these rookie performers.

The boarding school: Las Cumbres

Against all odds, Laguna Negra reopened its doors in 2021 with a series of new studentsin a new reboot whose third season in 2023 will conclude the series. On this occasion, the school of The boarding school: The summits It turns out to be an old inaccessible monastery between the mountains, where a series of conflicting kids live far from the world in search of reintegration. There they discover that some ancient legends are more real than they believed.

This new revision away from the original series had Laura Belloso as showrunner, one of the co-creators of the original series with Écija already Juan Carlos Cueto and Rocio Martinez Llanothese last two responsible for Land of wolves Y toy boy. This reboot has starred Asia Ortega, Albert Salazar, Daniel Arias, Natalia Dicenta, Ramiro Blas and Carlos Alcaide.

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