When will Kuzu Group REIT start trading on the stock market? Have the results of the 2023 Kuzu Grup GYO Public Offering been announced and how many lots have been distributed?

KZGYO Kuzu Group has gone public with the necessary approval from the Capital Markets Board (CMB). Shares of Kuzu Grup GYO, which garnered demand through a public offering between August 21-22-23, traded at 20.76 TL. The public offering of Kuzu Group REIT attracted 5.6 times more demand. Kuzu Group’s online offering resulted in a bid with a par value of TL 280,244,019, which corresponds to 5.6 times the shares with a par value of TL 50,000,000 offered to the public through capital increases and joint sales. It was curious when Kuzu Group REIT, which is a contracting and development company and a global company, will be sold. Here are the details of the public offering date of Kuzu Grup GYO shares in 2023…

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