When music teaches languages ​​and art teaches games. History of Marija Leina and exhibition “Krāsu prieks” / Article

“I would like the world of colors I created to bring joy!” this is how the 25-year-old artist Maria Leina comments on her already serious passion for painting. Life with hereditary health problems, various creative activities from early childhood played an important role in the development of Mary. Everything happens intuitively. As Maria herself admits, she does not draw, but plays with colors.

“She chooses the colors herself and usually never thinks about what she will paint. She takes a box of paints and at any moment she feels attractive, she takes them, we squeeze out the paints, I leave her alone, and then all this happens “, – says the mother of Maria Biruta Zuyane, adding that the creative process itself is very important for her daughter.

In addition to drawing, Maria loves to make music. This helped the girl quickly learn to speak and learn several languages. Maria currently lives and works in France with her parents. She improved her drawing skills in master classes and also participated in several children’s drawing competitions. Her paintings are also used in the playbooks of the Dramaturgu asociazia society.

“Then, when I started directing the Play Competition and Play Collection projects, and I, as I remember now, sat on the couch and thought that I need an artist, and this is a lot of money and where will I get that artist? That’s where this picture, which is a gift to dad for an anniversary, and she tells me in a friendly way, if you really want and if you like it, then take this picture. At that moment I realized that I was not some kind of mother and that this was not the work of my child. I saw her creatively,” says Biruta Zuyane.

To teach her daughter to count and count, Biruta created a special technique, which she later published in a book: “Maria advised me to write a book so that other children would also learn to count. I didn’t have that idea. This is Maria’s idea, and I thought, why not?

Maria Leina’s works can be seen at Raina and Aspazija’s house in Riga until the end of September.


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