When Maribel Guardia Planted a Kiss to ‘Casiano’ on Television

Live and in full color, the Costa Rican actress raised more than the spirits of those present with the soap opera kiss she gave to the lucky ‘Casiano’

Maribel Guardia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and charismatic women on Mexican television, despite being originally from San José, Costa Rica, she has won the hearts of millions of people, especially how intrepid and daring she can be. be. 

Precisely one of the most memorable moments of Mexican television is when the Costa Rican decides to plant a soap opera kiss on Carlos ‘Casiano’, who was the famous head of the floor in the production of the team ‘Hoy’ on Televisa and who left in 2018 after 40 years. 

And it is that they were in a live broadcast of one of the morning programs nationwide, when the Costa Rican actress did her own thing, taking advantage of the fact that nobody expected what they witnessed in amazement. 

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So, it is observed in the video how they were with several guests in the program such as Ana Patricia RojoJosé Eduardo Derbez Gretell Valdez, and of course, Maribel Guardia

It was nothing more and nothing less than the section called ‘Truth or Challenge’, where the guests together with the conductors had to respond with the truth or, where appropriate, carry out a challenge of those that were marked by the production. 

The moment comes when José Eduardo Derbez asks Maribel Guardia which of those who were present, with whom would he give a ‘tongue’ kiss? , so he did not hesitate to take Carlos Casiano, the head of the floor in the Hoy program, from behind the camera. 

The singer’s daring stunned both the guests and the drivers, who took a joke at what Joan Sebastian’s ex did and even ‘Casiano’ was happy to be the lucky one who was chosen. 

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