When is ‘Black Friday’ 2022? Key day and dates with the best offers and discounts

Every time they start earlier advertising campaigns as far as the big moments of sales are concerned: sales, back to school, Christmas… And the black friday it would not be less. This year, the September school clothing and materials campaign has not been alone: ​​the black friday has decided to start almost three months before the date it will take place.

Companies have begun to advertise the different offers of this year since almost the end of the period of Summer Vacation. Thus, it can be deduced that the companies will give everything on one of the great dates of the year for the sector, next to Christmas. Also, the black friday It is the time of discounts that many consumers choose to overtake Santa Claus and the Magi before the most important days of the festivities arrive.

When is ‘Black Friday’ 2022? Key dates

Although more and more companies are announcing it and “warming up” for one of the great days of the year in terms of sales, the black friday (or Black Friday) of this 2022 will not be until next Friday November 25. That is, the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, and that this is linked to its origin and they are always on successive days.

More specifically, in 2021 the interest in the black friday reached up to 65% of consumers, 21% of those who participated in it in the year 2020, according to the Future Consumer Index report of the consulting firm EY collected by El País. It should also be taken into account that, in 2020, the economic crisis derived from confinement by the Covid-19 it was even more pressing.