when does season 18 premiere on netflix

season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” premiered on September 30, 2021 in the United States, through the ABC signal. After that, many wonder when the entire installment will be available on Netflix. Well, the release date is already known and it will be in June. Next, all the details.

The series created by Shonda Rhimes It is considered one of the best American productions of all time. Since its premiere in 2005, “Grey’s Anatomy” has accumulated dozens of awards that ratify the genius of its story and the incredible work of its cast.

On the other hand, the new installment that is about to be released on Netflix generated much more expectations than the previous ones, mainly because the participation of Kate Walsh, Kate Burton and Abigail Spencer in the medical drama was confirmed. So when will it be available on Netflix?

Netflix will add season 18 of “Grey's Anatomy” to its June catalogue.  Find out when it opens here
Netflix will add season 18 of “Grey’s Anatomy” to its June catalogue. Know when it premieres here (Photo: NBC)

When does “Grey’s Anatomy” season 18 premiere on Netflix?

In the June 2022 catalog, Netflix included “Grey’s Anatomy” among the productions that will arrive on its platform. Thus, the series starring Ellen Pompeo will officially premiere its 18th season on Saturday, June 25 at 3:00 am ET.

What we know about the new installment

At the end of season 17 “Grey’s Anatomy”, Meredith became the director of the residency program and tries to train new and better doctors. Also, she resumed her rapprochement with Dr. Cormac.

Meanwhile, Owen proposed to Teddy again. Jo sold her shares of her hospital to pay for a lawyer to help her get custody of Luna, and with Link’s help she managed to keep the baby. The latter took advantage of Maggie and Winston’s wedding to propose to Amelia, but did not get the expected response.

Season 18, therefore, should continue with these dramas, although given the background of the ABC series, it is likely to include some twists and turns that further complicate the lives of the protagonists.

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