WhatsApp will notify you if they try to move your mobile account

One of the platforms to exchange messages, photos and videos between Mexicans is WhatsAppWell, if you are connected to the internet, you can connect and its services are totally free. One of the benefits of this application is how it protects its users from external hacking.

If you have ever wondered what happens when someone wants steal your account of WhatsApp, because one of the ways so that your data is not taken is with the two-step verification that it asks you to register your number in a new device. This is a 6-number code that you need to integrate to register your account when changing phones.

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Apart from two-step verification, WhatsApp will have a new feature for those who want to use your data and log in on another device. This would be a warning to anyone who tries to open your account on another phone with your information, with information from WABetainfo.

The message would read “allow moving your WhatsApp account to another phone”, which means, if you allow your WhatsApp account to be changed to another phone, among the data that would come in this notice is the exact time when it is about to do and cell phone model from where it is being done, you will also have the option to “allow” or “not allow” the movement to be made, giving you, apart from a warning, a way to avoid it.

This function can already be seen in the beta version of the application, although it is predicted that it will not be available for a long time to other WhatsApp users when making their most recent updates. This would be one more way for the platform to take care of the data of its users. If you combine it with two-step verification, it creates a more secure account and there will be no risk of your information being stolen.

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