WhatsApp will launch these new features for the iPhone with iOS

The updates prepared by the developers of Goal for the application version of WhatsApp for iOS thus providing users with a new series of tools that are very useful and improve the service experience.

Among the content of the planned update, it is known that these are related to WhatsApp statuses and groups as well as the search for messages and their privacy.

WhatsApp will launch these new features for the iPhone with iOS

These are all the new features that come to the version of the messaging service for iOS.

To ensure that you receive these tools as soon as the update arrives, it is important that you make sure that your iphone stay with the most recent version of the Meta Messaging Service app for iOS.

News that will come to WhatsApp for iPhone with update

These are the new and practical tools that will come to the version of WhatsApp for iPhone with the update to iOS 22.21.77:

  • Padlock messages: These are those messages that are available to be viewed only once after which they disappear to increase the privacy of the conversations.
  • Audios in WhatsApp states: Now it will be possible to add 30-second audios to States without the need to install any external app.
  • Search messages by date: The beta version of WhatsApp for iOS brings the search for messages by date criteria.

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