WhatsApp Is Updated and These Are Its Two Biggest News

The most used instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, finally gave users two great pieces of news to improve their user experience and here we tell you what they are

Despite the multiple falls that WhatsApp has had in recent months, they like to keep in a constant reinvention, so new improvements have come with the new update to give a better user experience. 

And it is that of the three improvements that came, two are the most important and largest that you probably did not know you needed but now it will be impossible not to use them, in addition to being focused on those who use Android. 

The first novelty is a better preview of links, when we shared a link through WhatsApp to a friend, family member, or our partner, a small box appeared with the title and a part of the link, now that is left behind having a broader view of what you will open. 

By increasing the size of the preview, it is no longer necessary to click on the link as it allows you to see a more complete image, something that definitely could not be done before since the size was very small that it even looked pixelated. 

The second novelty is that of contextual stickers, perhaps you have already seen this option in other applications used for communication, however, now it is possible to do it from WhatsApp as a way to waste less time on the cell phone since You can write any word and have the application suggest the appropriate sticker. 

With this, there is no longer any need to search for it among the large number of stickers that you have saved, for example, if you write the typical ‘haha’ to show that something has been funny for you, you will get the options of the stickers that are laughing to that you choose your favorite. 

The third novelty is for those who enjoy using WhatsApp Web, now there is the possibility of editing the images you send through your computer or laptop. We could already do this on the mobile device, however, if you wanted to send an image by computer, editing it was not an option.

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