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WhatsApp It is one of the apps most valued by users, due to its multiple functions. One of them consists of star your favorite messages to remember them easily, be it a security key, an email or any information you consider necessary. Therefore, through the messaging app, you have the option of anchoring these texts in a very practical way. In SPORTSwe teach you step by step.

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How to mark WhatsApp messages as favorites on iPhone?

  • What you must first do is enter the WhatsApp app from your iPhone.
  • After this, open a conversation.
  • Now, hold down on the message you want to highlight.
  • Immediately, a list of options will appear.
  • Among these alternatives, choose the star icon and that’s it.
  • In the event that you want to see your anchored texts, go to the Chat Settings that you chose.
  • Then, tap on the Featured Posts section.

In this way, you can put your texts as favorites in each chat and do not miss that information that you consider important.


  • Blocking is often not enough if we don’t want someone to bother us on WhatsApp.
  • That is why there is the “Report” button.
  • This is found by clicking on the three dots in the upper corner of a conversation and then on “more”.
  • “Reporting” is the most radical method to say that this person is harassing you.
  • When you report someone on WhatsApp, your chat will automatically be sent to a database in the app.
  • Specifically, they will be the last 5 messages that the other person has sent you.
  • At that time, WhatsApp will evaluate your request for a report.
  • In case of finding something harmful, WhatsApp will take action on the matter such as deleting that account or simply suspending it for violating its use policies.
  • So keep that in mind if this is a case to block or report someone.

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