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The reactions with emojis was one of the changes that came to WhatsApp in 2022, as part of the system integration project between Meta products. The company seeks that its applications share information and design; for this reason, it is crucial that Messenger and WhatsApp are quite similar.

From now on, you can react to conversation bubbles with emojis. Unfortunately, the tool is somewhat limited at the moment. If you long press on a message, six default emojis will appear.

You can place a thumbs up, heart, laugh crying, surprised, crying or the emoji of the hands together as I pray. If you press the “+” button, it will take you to the emoji library to add the one you want.

This is what the “favorite reactions” tool would look like in WhatsApp

The WaBetainfo medium shared a new concept that could reach the application during 2023. It is a second list of emojis at the bottom of the reactions.

In this way, users could place their favorite emojis in a much more accessible and comfortable place.

“Our concept features an expanded reaction tray that allows users to quickly and easily react to messages with their favorite emojis. In addition to the 6 reactions recommended by Mark Zuckerberg, the tray can contain 6 additional reactions of the user’s choice. To customize the tray, users can simply touch the settings icon and choose which emojis they would like to include”, details the medium in question.

This is what the “favorite reactions” tool would look like in WhatsApp.  (Photo: WaBetainfo)

This is what the “favorite reactions” tool would look like in WhatsApp. (Photo: WaBetainfo)

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