What’s next for Britney? Your Instagram could give clues

After nearly 14 years under a strict guardianship that she considered abusive and exploitative, Britney Spears is free again.

Now that a California court lifted the guardianship that banned one of the world’s most successful pop stars from managing his own life and fortune, many fans are wondering what’s next.

Speculation abounds – Children? Travels? Sue your family? – although the answer is elusive, particularly because of the cautious lifestyle that Spears was forced to, governed largely by her father Jamie.

The superstar, who will turn 40 on December 2, has not given an interview in years, rarely makes public appearances and last performed in October 2018.

After her rise to world fame as a teenager thanks to a string of hits, including “Baby One More Time,” and the subsequent nervous breakdown that put her under guard in 2008, most of what the public knows of Spears comes from from your Instagram account.

There he has published for years several times a day, often his own videos doing pirouettes or dance routines, while other times he talks about hopes and dreams.

Her Instagram helped spawn the #FreeBritney fan movement.

The communication from her luxurious mansion in Los Angeles with the outside world (she has more than 90 million followers on Instagram and Twitter) offered the singer a minimum of control over her image, and that is perhaps where the most accurate reading of her plans.

In October, after her father was removed from guardianship, Spears expressed anxiety about her future in a lengthy letter.

“I will be honest and say that I have waited a long time to free myself from the situation I am in,” she wrote. “Now that he is here I am afraid to do anything because I am afraid of making a mistake.”

– Family plans –

Marriage is an issue: Spears announced her engagement to 27-year-old Sam Asghari in September.

Earlier this week, she announced that Donatella Versace was designing her dress, although the wedding date has not been disclosed.

She also said that she wants to have another child; She already has two teenage boys with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, who has primary custody.

In a chilling indictment in June, Spears told the Los Angeles judge that she eventually ended the guardianship that forced her to keep a contraceptive IUD.

Spears now has power over her reproductive system and her fortune, estimated at about $ 60 million.

This year he traveled to Hawaii and French Polynesia, where according to his publications he took flying lessons.

– The stage is not a priority –

One of the pressing questions raised by fans, and the industry, is whether he will resume his performances or release new music.

The superstar released four studio albums under the tutelage, the most recent “Glory”, in 2016.

He also had tremendously profitable permanent shows in Las Vegas. Her show “Britney: Pieces of Me” grossed $ 138 million in four years.

However, in January 2019 he abruptly canceled his return to Las Vegas, taking an indefinite professional hiatus.

In July he wrote on Instagram: “I will not perform on any stage with my dad taking care of what I see, say, do or think !!!!”

She said she preferred to share videos from her living room than from a stage in Las Vegas, as she was excluded from the planning of the shows, becoming more of a puppet than a performer.

The publication Page Six recently quoted a close source as saying that Spears “wants to make music and perform again”, but that “it is not her top priority right now and has not been for a long time.”

– Tell it all? –

He must also solve financial problems, including paying a constellation of lawyers, which according to The New York Times, would exceed a million dollars.

It is possible that the singer takes legal action against her father, something that she hinted although she has not taken formal steps in that direction.

On the other hand, she said that she received scripts for television and movies about her story: “I’m not dead,” she replied, and made it clear that she is not interested in someone else interpreting her.

He also alluded to the possibility of telling it all: “Lord, have mercy on the souls of my family if I ever do an interview,” he wrote in October.

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