What’s happening? All elite units of the Russian Airborne Forces are moving to one place

From the very beginning of the war, the Russian command relied on the forces of the Airborne Forces both in offensive and defensive operations. These units were the spearhead of attacks, took part in securing Bakhmut’s flanks and repelling Ukrainian counterattacks.

The current identified records report another regrouping: Units of the 76th Airborne Division also appeared in the Robotin area. Earlier, the elite unit was last identified in the Kremennaya Lugansk region.

ISW reports that all units of the Russian Airborne Forces operate in areas where Ukrainian forces are now counterattacking. On the Bakhmut Wings, units arrived from Lugansk, and the 7th Airborne Division was transferred from Kherson to the Zaporozhye district.

In this regard, the report states:

  • The Russian military leadership uses elite Russian airborne troops to protect vulnerable positions.
  • Since the formations of the Russian Airborne Forces were previously used both for attack and for defense, this is probably already the case. dropped significantly.
  • Elite formations Russia’s declining combat value could make it increasingly difficult to maintain its defense capability and will certainly undermine Moscow’s intention to resume offensive operations.

The cover image is an illustration. Cover image source: Wikimedia Commons.

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