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By Yasel Porto

But in addition to that, there was his gesture of contributing to the repair of some affected public spaces and even the firm desire to fix the December 26 stadium in which he trained as a baseball player. On one occasion he filled a bus with gifts to distribute in Licea, a popular council belonging to Campechuela.

Unfortunately, much of the intentions of the double winner of the home run derby in the All Star Game remained in that, since there has been institutional reluctance when it comes to assuming the repair or construction of certain more collective works out of pocket.

Campechuela is a municipality with an enormous baseball tradition and several of the most important baseball players in the Granma province have emerged from there. In addition to Céspedes, the three Bejerano brothers (Pablo, Víctor and Santiago Valerio) could be highlighted in the group.

It is clear that there were many merits of “The Power” in the sports context, but that is in the past that with the dynamics of life and for various other factors, it is increasingly ignored. But these types of social events are never forgotten and acquire a higher significance because life is much more important than sport.

Some of the two sides will criticize him, but perhaps the majority will applaud his voluntary humanism, and from today think a little more when prosecuting Yoenis Céspedes as a person rather than as a player.

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