What will happen to the places reserved for self-service scooters?

In the coming weeks, 15,000 rooms will be renovated. For the most part, they will be adapted for bicycles and, if possible, for green spaces.

Self-service electric scooters will soon become just a more or less happy memory in the minds of Parisians. They will disappear from public space on Friday, according to the May 2 vote. On that day, almost 90% of the votes expressed dislike of part of the population for this type of transport.

In early August, operator Lime announced that it had begun a gradual phase-out of the 5,000 scooters that make up its fleet in the French capital. Dott began doing the same in mid-July.

Both companies plan to send them to cities where they still smell of holiness, whether in France or abroad. Tier, for its part, intends to relocate every third unit to Ile-de-France.

The fate of occupied or occupied scooters, but what about the 15,000 parking spaces reserved for them in the capital? David Belliard ordered an expert opinion from the city’s administrative services to find out what was possible.

Use space wisely

What you can already be sure of is that “we can restore this space, mainly for bicycle parking,” says the deputy mayor of Paris, in charge of transforming the space. Public, transport, mobility, street code and roads at BFM Paris Ile-de-France.

The freed space will allow either “parking a bike for personal use” or bikes “that are for short-term rental and that already exist.” Good news for Lime, which intends to use 10,000 e-bikes to make up for the ditching of scooters.

“We need to use it wisely and optimize it in certain ways to further improve the services that we call soft and active mobility like the bike,” sums up David Belliard.

The remaining parking spaces – “a small part” – will give way to greenery. Provided, the chosen one insists, that the examination confirms that this is possible. This will depend, in particular, on the location where they are located.

Nicolas Dumas with Florian Buho

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