What was suspected of Ellen Pompeo revealed by Sandra Oh after goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy

After Sandra Oh’s goodbye to Grey’s Anatomy, many things remained to be said about the star and her true relationship with Ellen Pompeo. Years after her departure, what everyone suspected of both actresses was finally confirmed.

Meredith Gray and Cristina Yang said goodbye in Grey’s Anatomy with season 10 of the network’s medical drama abc so that the cardiothoracic surgeon could become the medical professional she wanted to be, a story that brought bittersweet tears among viewers who do not lose hope of seeing them together in a new episode of the series.

Unfortunately, Sandra Oh She has been emphatic in pointing out that she never plans to return to Grey’s Anatomy because despite all the good that this program left in her life, it also generated significant mental health problems that she has had to deal with all this time after leaving the show. Serie.

These statements raised doubts among fans of Grey’s Anatomy, who believe that the actress’s pronouncement could be due to the fact that she had problems on the recording set with one of her drama co-stars, including Ellen Pompeo. However, a recent statement by Sandra Oh demolished that theory and confirmed what was suspected of the Meredith Gray interpreter..

After her departure from Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh was truly devastated to leave the series and especially to her peers. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, confessed how difficult it was to leave behind her old friend, Ellen Pompeo, when she finished shooting her final episode. In a scene from that installment, the two shared a moment that was deeply emotional.

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo are best friends in real life, away from Grey’s Anatomy

According to the interpreter of Cristina Yang, in the scene there was a moment in which they hugged and she could feel how Ellen Pompeo was breaking down in tears. In that instant she realized that the two of them were one body.. If those words don’t speak of the deep friendship they have, nothing will. We may not see them together often, but they are fundamentally united.

Following the departure of Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy, both she and Ellen Pompeo have made it clear that they listen to each other and take care of each other. They have also shown the deep respect they have for their work, one that has been awarded and celebrated around the world, even if they are not on the same television show. Pompeo showed her support for Sandra Oh on Twitter after the latter won an Emmy for her work on the BBC’s “Killing Eve.” In the words of the Grey’s Anatomy actress, the ability of Cristina Yang’s interpreter is hard to put into words, but every compliment is deserved.

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