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14.50 / Movistar Action


The desperate hour. United States, 2021 (84 minutes). Director: Philip Noyce. Cast: Naomi Watts, Sierra Maltby, Colton Gobbo.

Directed by Philip Noyce (The impassive American), Chris Sparling’s script (buried), a single stage and the absolute leading role of Naomi Watts presents this distressing intrigue with the problem of weapons and shootings in schools in the United States as a background theme. She regrets that, despite achieving a certain climate of tension, the group falls short of expectations. All too austere.

15.55 / BEe Mad

‘The Prisoner of Zenda’

The prisoner of Zenda. United States, 1952 (96 minutes). Director: Richard Thorpe. Cast: Stewart Granger, James Mason, Deborah Kerr.

The best version of the well-known story that has been filmed, which with some outstanding performers and a highly successful setting, reached the category of classic. The quiet vacation of an English gentleman becomes the most surprising adventure in this unforgettable film directed with great skill, despite the director’s last name (pronounced in Spanish), by Richard Thorpe. Good after-dinner entertainment.

16.10 / The 1

The afternoons of La 1 are renewed

The new evening programming of La 1 will begin with the premiere of new programs and series and changes in schedules: the new stories of Italian fiction Anything can happen adaptation of the successful American series fatherhood, by Jason Katmis, the suspense and exciting plots of serve and protect, that advances its schedule to continue offering the most exciting plots around the human stories that take place in Distrito Sur, the new contest The joker of La 1, presented by Aitor Albizua, the veteran The hunterwith Rodrigo Vázquez at the helm, and the reinforced commitment of here the earth for the climate and the environment, which advances and extends its schedule and reinforces its group of collaborators with the actress Carolina Cerezuela, the actor Félix Gómez, the singer Rozalén and the former minister José Bono.

18.00 / Four

‘Four a day’ celebrates 900 broadcasts

To celebrate her program 900, Ana Terradillos will interview in four a day to Alberto Nunez Feijoo. The president of the Popular Party will go live to take stock of the five months he has been at the helm of the party and comment on current issues such as the Government’s recently announced tax cut, the economic situation and the national and international political situation.

18.10 / TCM

‘little women’

Little women. United States, 1949 (116 minutes). Direction: Mervyn Leroy. Cast: June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Lawford, Janet Leigh, Mary Astor.

Again on television the story of the March family. The film is based on the novel by Louise May Alcott and travels through the complicated world of adolescence, maturity and the tortuous path that separates these two stages. In this version highlights the glamor that Metro gave to all its productions, but it did not reach the height of the previous one, shot by Cukor and performed by Katharine Herpburn, among others. In any case, hopeless romantics will spend a pleasant evening.

19.46 /And Hollywood

‘The Sniper’

american sniper. United States, 2014 (132 minutes). Director: Clint Eastwood. Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes.

Without reaching the quality of Great Turin, Eastwood puts all his cinematographic knowledge in this correct film centered on the person of Chris Kyle, a Texan who broke the record for deaths as a sniper in the US Army. Good job by Bradley Cooper, but the set is somewhat propagandistic.

21.45 / Antenna 3

Movie night at ‘El hormiguero’

The protagonists of The crooked lines of God, Bárbara Lennie and Eduard Fernández inaugurate a new week in the anthill. This film, produced by Atresmedia, is the adaptation of the homonymous novel by Torcuato Luca de Tena and will be released this Thursday. The film tells the story of the enigmatic Alice Gould, an investigator who enters a psychiatric hospital, simulating paranoia, to follow the trail of a case she is working on.

22.00 / Movistar Premieres 2


United States, 2013 (90 minutes). Director: Alfonso Cuaron. Cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Phaldut Sharma.

In the immensity of stellar space, Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón set this Oscar-winning film (seven awards, including best director and photography) and a claustrophobic mix of drama, intrigue and science fiction. A tense and disturbing reflection on loneliness and the proximity of death that contains, among many other virtues, truly luxurious special effects and a perfect leading couple (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney). An entire odyssey written by Cuarón himself with his son Jonás.

22.03 / The 2

‘You and I’

An affair to remember. United States, 1957 (119 minutes). Director: Leo McCarey. Cast: Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Richard Denning.

Dramatic comedy that previously and under the leading role of Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne had directed Leo McCarey. The film fixes its attention on the relationship established between a playboy and a singer who meet during a boat trip. When they arrive in New York they decide to take some time to sort out their private lives and meet a few months later at the Empire State Building. But fate prevents her from coming, and he believes that she is not loved…

22.05 / The 1

Many guests in the kitchens of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’

After the expulsion of Ruth Lorenzo, the kitchens of Master Chef Celebrity They continue their pace. The applicants will have to cook in relay, they will travel to Zaragoza for the team event and the black aprons will taste blindly to obtain advantages in the elimination event. In addition, for one night, the culinary program will not have three, but five relentless judges, the usual Jordi, Pepe and Samantha and two guests, Lorenzo Caprile and Alejandro G. Palomo. In addition, in the first test the applicants will try to reproduce an incredible wedding cake in pairs with two masters of ceremonies, Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño, winners of Master Chef Celebrity 6.

22.30 / Neox


United States, 2004 (94 minutes). Director: David R. Ellis. Cast: Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, William H. Macy.

A young man, a desperate phone call and a kidnapped woman. With these ingredients, David R. Ellis (responsible for the second unit in titles such as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, The Perfect Storm either The Matrix Reloaded) mounts in his third title as director a correct thriller that manages to maintain the intrigue with enough solvency.

22.30 / FDF

‘Red Sparrow’

Red Sparrow. United States, 2018 (139 minutes). Director: Francis Lawrence. Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Jeremy Irons, Charlotte Rampling.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence and Australian actor Joel Edgerton are the more than correct protagonists of this intense and absorbing espionage intrigue directed with a steady hand by Francis Lawrence. All adorned with a plot full of lies, a lot of suspense and abundant doses of sensuality.

22.45 / Antenna 3

New installment of ‘Brothers’

This Monday, in brothers, yesA Turkish series that is getting outstanding data and a warm reception in countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, Akif fires the head of administration of the school and offers Orhan the job, knowing that he is an honest man. In addition, Suzan and Harika stay for a few days at the house of some friends, saying that they are doing construction work at their house and they cannot live there. Finally, Doruk shows the video that he has received to his father. He tells her that it is a very old video and related to a misunderstanding in the play.

22.50 / Telecinco

More revelations ‘In the name of Rocío’

The program hosted by Jorge Javier Vázquez, In the name of Rocio, will host the broadcast of the episode titled The greatest show in the world: life, in which Rocío Carrasco recalls how, despite the fact that her mother had experienced an improvement in her health for a few months, the alarms went off again when severe pancreas pain forced the family to transfer Rocío Jurado back to Houston. In her story, the protagonist recalls her stay in the United States accompanying the artist and reveals the most human and fun anecdotes lived with her. The content of the episode will be discussed throughout the night by a team of collaborators, made up of María Patiño, Paloma García Pelayo, Kiko Matamoros and psychologist Bárbara Zorrilla, and by friends of the artist and journalists who were in Houston at the time. .

22.50 / Four

Second installment of ‘The debate of temptations’

The identity of the first protagonist who falls into temptation and the addition to Villa Playa of a second VIP ‘temptress’ will focus the attention of the new installment of The Temptations Debate, which will lead Sandra Barneda. After the arrival of Carmen and Hugo in both towns, a new bachelor joins the coexistence, surprising the girls and especially one of them, whose experience could change when a secret that the tempter brings with him is revealed.

22.55 / Movistar Premieres


United Kingdom, 2021 (87 minutes). Director: Paul Andrew Williams. Cast: Neil Maskell, David Hayman, Kellie Shirley.

After a decade dedicated to the world of television (with participation in series such as broadchurch either Strangers, Paul Andrew Williams returns to the big screen to direct, with a tight budget and that point of difference that characterizes independent cinema, this story of revenge. The protagonist of this intelligent intrigue is Neil Maskell (Utopia), who plays one of the toughest characters in the history of British film noir. All accompanied by a solid construction of characters and spectacular realism.

0.01 / Movistar Classics

‘A clockwork orange’

A clockwork orange. United States, 1971 (137 minutes). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates.

One of Stanley Kubrick’s most controversial films, it was censored in many countries, including the United Kingdom. A fierce satire of a future society consumed by violence and savagery, it has, among other attractions, an attractive gallery of curious characters, the excellent work of Malcolm McDowell and an amazing script written by the director himself based on the homonymous novel by Anthony Burgess. Portrait of society with the always peculiar style of Kubrick in its purest form.

0.20 / Neox

‘The Army of Darkness’

Army of darkness. United States 1993 (84 minutes). Director: Sam Raimi. Cast: Bruce Campbell Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert.

Something remains of the good results obtained by the first installment of the series that began with possessedn infernal. The one that concerns us is the third, both chronologically and because of its quality. Time travel, with clear references to Jason and the Argonauts, for a fantasy that lacks a few doses of imagination. It can be seen.

1.39 / Hollywood

‘Messenger of the future (The postman)’

the postman. United States, 1997 (177 minutes). Director: Kevin Costner. Cast: Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate, Olivia Williams.

In a future world devastated by an unprecedented war, this uneven film takes place, directed, starred and produced by Kevin Costner, an actor who had great success in his debut in the world of filmmaking with Dances with Wolves. Too bad that almost all the benefits shown at the beginning have been blurred in the subsequent realizations of it. In short: an excessively long film and, therefore, too unbalanced, with its corresponding hero in search of world peace. It is seen.

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