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One of the actor’s best films in the last decade, and an incredible feat in the field of science fiction, is ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. A fabulous film that we can see in ‘streaming’ through the WarnerMedia platform.

A fresh and fun proposal of science fiction crossed with amazing action, led by one of the biggest movie stars in history. Also with an idea that, in its execution, many have seen connections with the world of video games, despite the fact that it does not adapt any of them. That’s how unique Edge of Tomorrow is, one of the most surprising genre films of recent times that you can enjoy right now on HBO Max.

The star, of course, is Tom Cruise, one of the few that can carry out a proposal as unique as this and that has behind the investment of a large Hollywood studio. To pull it off, he turned to Doug Liman, one of the most unusual directors in the industry, who has pulled off big action projects, some science fiction, with uneven results. But his energetic enthusiasm was right for the project.

Based on a novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, edge of tomorrow shows us a not too distant future where Planet Earth is invaded by an advanced alien race, who seeks to destroy the human race at all costs. In the middle of all the mess will be Commander William Cage (Cruise), an officer who has never fought who tries to help in the strategy of resistance. What he did not expect is that one fine day they will take him into combat, in what seems like a suicide mission.

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In fact, the mission is suicidal. He ends up falling in combat, but he also ends up waking up on the same day of the mission, reliving everything he had already experienced. When returning to be liquidated in combat he realizes that he is in an endless time loop. To get out of it, and perhaps find a solution to this galactic conflict, try to turn to the most portentous warrior in the army, played by Emily Blunt.

In a way, this is a Stuck in Time with aliens, war, crazy action and Tom Cruise. Something that greatly benefits make a proposal as electric as this fun and accessible. The way in which he poses the time loops, where Cruise’s character has to learn from his mistakes to move forward, continually dying, is not far from the mechanics of a video game where you have to keep falling all the time to advance screens .

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But beyond the amusing similarity to video games, the film is a very powerful action vehicle, with spectacular sequences and impressive special effects. He also has one of the most atypical and interesting interpretations of Cruise, who has to carry out an unusual character: something of a loser, not very heroic at first and more dependent on help from others.

Together with a formidable Blunt, he creates one of the most fabulous duos in recent science fiction. edge of tomorrow it was a success at the time, grossing some 370 million dollars worldwide, which doubled its hefty budget. The great mystery is that it has taken Hollywood so long to make a sequel since its premiere in 2014, but in the meantime we can continue to recover it and hallucinate with its unique feat.

You can see edge of tomorrow on HBO Max.

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