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The director of ‘The Dark Knight’ and the imminent ‘Oppenheimer’ created an essential work of space exploration that continues to be among the best of his filmography. And it can be seen in streaming.

An amazing sci-fi movie that he could have had one of the best filmmakers ever and that, in the end, he ended up confirming another to enter that select club of directors. A whole box office phenomenon that reactivated interest in space exploration in the cinema and that continues to be an essential work. Is about interstellar.

Christopher Nolan took to this long-gestation project with gusto after his trilogy of dark Knight. Available on HBO Max, the film was a triumph on every level, beating the incredible superhero trilogy on points and setting a new path that can continue into the future. oppenheimer (although it is not science fiction), by following the line marked by this film where Nolan shows his concern towards the destruction of the planet by man.

Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain are the different actors we see in this spectacular odyssey that seeks to make a realistic approach to science fiction. The planet is on the verge of collapse, and a former astronaut survives as best he can with his family on a modest farm in the United States.

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However, they find signs of unusual activity in the area, and after some digging they find a secret government facility seeking to perform a dangerous mission: travel through a wormhole to find new planets where you can take humanity in case the Earth becomes completely uninhabitable. Our protagonist will join the expedition.

A theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne, has already collaborated on an attempt at scientifically realistic science fiction with Contactand wanted to expand it with a new project involving wormholes. The idea caught the attention of filmmakers of the stature of Steven Spielberg, who pulled strings to start developing and directing it. In 2007 Jonathan Nolan was hired to work on the script.

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When Spielberg lost interest and moved on to other projects, Jonathan proposed his brother to replace him, and so they were. began the journey towards his definitive film. One where many of his great visual ambitions are culminated, his obsessions with time and where an unexpected glimmer of emotion appears that was not so frequent in his films and here was key to connecting with the public.

This public was not only moved, but was overwhelmed by one of the most impressive audiovisual experiences of this century. A monumental box office success proves it worked on all levels, with more than $770 million grossed worldwide. But beyond that, it’s one of Nolan’s definitive films and a must-have in science fiction.

You can see interstellar on HBO Max.

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