What the Season of Leo brings to each sign/ascendant before August 23

When the Sun enters a sign, it means that the sign is starting, as the position of the Sun shows the sign in the astrogram. The entry of the Sun into a sign shows how energy changes, how light changes. Imagine that you have a house with 12 rooms. Month after month, the sun illuminates one room at a time. The sun is the largest star in our solar system and symbolizes life, energy, vitality.

Aries/Aries Rising

The sun will pass through the 5th house, the house of love, children, self-expression. Where are already retrograde Venus and Lilith. Perhaps you neglected your relationship with yourself, the way you handled your needs, the fact that you stopped paying attention to what gives you pleasure.

You have completely neglected romance, spontaneity, fun, fun and the activities a couple has to do to keep the flame going.

Advice from astrologer Daniela Simulescu – enter the “pleasure room” and enjoy life, take care of yourself, your passions!

Taurus / Taurus Rising

The Sun passes through the 4th house, the house of the family, and also the house of the home and inner refuge. You need to look at what is rusting around the house, put it in order, see what else you need and what you keep just for the sake of saving. Venus, your ruler, has a retrograde transit in the same house. So an additional reason to replay some questions.

The sun loves everything new, luxurious, shiny, of high quality. Do a spring cleaning and in this way you too will change your state and understand how much you needed to feel good where you are.

Family relationships are very important to you. Think about whether it makes sense to hold on to pride issues, stop holding grudges, move on and enjoy every moment without worrying about small troubles, there is no point.

Gemini / Rising in Gemini

The sun will pass through the 3rd house of communications and roads. You think that if you worry, if you worry, you will be able to control the situation, but you are not in control, you are just making a fuss.

Astrologer Daniela Simulescu recommends interacting with other people as much as possible and going outside. It will be useful for you to walk, communicate with people, go to events, parties. “I invite you to speak as much as possible! Bargain, walk, travel! You have to be in constant motion.”

Your mind will be a double-edged sword.

Cancer/Rising in Cancer

The sun moves into the 2nd house, therefore it illuminates the room of money, resources, certain expenses that cannot be avoided. Therefore, we need to be much more attentive to expenses, to costs, but without dramatization and victimization. And we will really insist on it, because Venus is retrograde in the same area.

You will wake up with a lot of desires to splurge on extravagant products, but there is no need to rush. You will regret it later.

At the same time, this is a good time to be generous, to give but also to receive what others give you, do not say that you do not need anything from anyone, this is not the best tactic.

Leo/Rising in Leo

First of all, let’s say “Happy Birthday!”. We will celebrate you until August 23rd. The sun is in your sign, this is the maximum joy. Let’s not forget that he is your governor! You get an extra dose of energy, charisma and zest for life. If you also take into account the fact that Venus and Lilith are retrograde in your sign, you understand that an incendiary period is coming.

But it’s possible that this makes you a little more selfish than usual, because the Sun is entering your biggest and most beautiful “room”. You want to stay there and be able to express yourself freely. You also don’t want to hear from others, never want to hear their problems, possible bad news that can make you seem insensitive, devoid of any trace of sympathy.

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Virgo/Virgo Rising

A period of rest and rest begins for you. The Sun will enter your sign on August 23rd and greet you, but until then the illuminated room is a kind of hidden room for you with the Sun in the 12th house.

You need to meditate a bit, take care of yourself, take care of your health and recharge your batteries when the Sun enters your sign. It is possible that your loved ones have some health problems.

We also need to draw your attention to the tendency to get into toxic relationships, return to past partners, or self-sacrifice unnecessarily.

Libra/Libra Ascendant

The Sun enters the 11th house and this aspect is favorable for you. Venus, your ruler, is also retrograde in the same house. You like it mainly because you need people. Thus, the Leo season has a social connotation for you, it is like the sun shining on a summer garden, a place where you specially arranged a reception for your visiting friends. This year you will be visited by people whom you have not seen for a long time. Maybe even for years.

You care about the people around you, you need socialization, you need the intervention of others in your life, so it is advisable to welcome them along with you.

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Scorpio / Rising Scorpio

The Sun moves into the 10th house and illuminates the area of ​​career and professional status. You may find yourself obsessively thinking about your career (let’s not forget Venus retrograde and Lilith), what exactly can you do to get noticed. So the career will come first, you will think about where and what exactly you can change, where you will be praised, how to get the desired project.

Relations with the authorities will be more difficult. You risk losing your temper immediately.

Astrologer Daniela Simulescu says that “you will constantly seek praise, appreciation. You have to be the center of attention.”

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Ascendant

The sun will be in the ninth house. You are most fond of walking, and the season of Leo comes exactly in harmony with your desires and pleasures. Your internal energy is tuned to what you love most: studying, traveling, the need for spirituality.

You will seek your inner compass, ideal, or goal. Maybe you will go back in time. The journey doesn’t have to take you out into the world, but it can also be a soul journey marked by important revelations about what you’ll be like next.

Education will become important. So feel free to choose until August 23 to improve your knowledge.

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Capricorn/Capricorn Ascendant

Finances, business, fear of death come to the fore when the Sun enters the 8th house. Moreover, we also have Venus retrograde there. You can hear more unpleasant news, but it is better to take the situation calmly. On the other hand, everything that can happen in the next period can make you look at life from a much deeper point of view than you did before.

Everything to do with intimacy, bedroom relationships, fertility, but your needs in this area should be explored, considered more carefully. Take the time to look there.

Another astrologer’s advice for you is to make a reservation for the autumn-winter season. Later they will prove extremely valuable.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

The Sun passes through the seventh house next to retrograde Venus and Lilith. Your partner, the people you work with, their lives will become much more important to you during the Leo season. Attention will be focused on others, on those around you, on those on whom you depend, or on those who depend on you.

You must help your partner, give him your resources, give him your time and give up the need for independence in favor of him. During this period, you need a healthy relationship. Don’t forget that your partner’s attitude is your mirror. The people around you are your mirrors, what exactly you could improve in yourself, this is the answer you are looking for, really.

It is possible that one of the former partners will return to your life. Retrograde Venus has this gift. The stars advise you not to rush to get them right away in life.

Pisces/Pisces Rising

The sun will pass through the 6th house. Until August 23, there will be various events at work that will make you think. Until now, you have not seen any problems, but now they have seriously intensified. Some of you will have to solve projects that you thought were already completed, others will have arguments with some colleagues. Managing everyday stress will become a priority.

On the other hand, you must understand that you must really like what you are doing. Because if not, burnout is knocking on the door.

This is a great time to start exercising, go on a diet, see how to get rid of a toxic habit. Take care of your health and do not forget to do small things for yourself every day.

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