What series and movies to watch today, June 19?



Felix you are in heaven


Spain, 1974-1981, DOCUMENTARY, NATURE, 26 minutes. (125 episodes).

A documentary space that cost the life of its own distinguished creator, Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, but saved and continues to save the lives of thousands of animals in our country. “El hombre y la Tierra”, with all the defects that one wants to look for, moved and moved the ecological and animal conscience of a Spain traditionally quite brutal in its treatment of nature, discovering the importance of our fauna and that of other latitudes. RTVE.es.

There is no kindness without punishment


United Kingdom, 1991. HISTORICAL DRAMA, ROMANCE, 48-52 minutes. (4 episodes).

Excellent BBC adaptation of Samuel Richardson’s tabloid classic, with the necessary liberties, about the misadventures of the virtuous Clarissa at the hands of her ambitious family, her horrible fiancé and the overly passionate Lovelace, handsome, violent and rapist Sean Bean. The reverse of Jane Austen, a portrait bordering on the Gothic of a classist and macho society like few others. YOUTUBE.

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