What number will ‘Cabecita’ Rodríguez wear at Club América?

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Some days ago, America made the signing official jonathan rodriguez Facing the Opening Tournament 2022where he will seek to have the minutes that he did not have in the Al Nassr of Saudi Arabiain order to get into the map of the technician of the Uruguay national team, diego alonsowho had deleted it from the calls after seeing no activity.

The great unknown is the number that the “Cabecita” RodriguezWell, the number 21, which is one of his favorites, has the Mexican, Henry Martinwhile the 20, Richard Sanchez and on 22, Jorge Mere, so it could be 11, being available, however, we will have to wait for his presentation to know his number.

When will Jonathan Rodríguez report with América?

It will not be until next week when the Uruguayan striker joins the training sessions of the group of Eaglesbecause for family reasons he had to travel to his country, so it is likely that he will miss the start of the 2022 Opening Tournament, where they will be facing the Atlas Red and Blackwho are the current champions of Mexican soccer.

It is worth mentioning that the 28-year-old striker is not going through his best footballing moment, derived from the lack of activity in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nassr, but he hopes to recover it as quickly as possible to live up to what the America, who had to pay around six million dollars for his services.

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