What number will Alejandro Zendejas wear with Club América?

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Of the four elements that have already been officially mentioned as reinforcements of Club América, three of them had already acquired a number to use the following season. In the case of Diego Valdes, arrived to wear the 10, one of the most coveted numbers for any soccer player and it was the Chilean who obtained it; Jonathan dos Santos it will take care of using the 7 with which it was already registered; and finally although it has not been shown by the team in images of the set Jorge Mere is seen wearing 22.

When Alexander Zendejas arrived at the team, in his first words with the squad he commented that he wanted to wear one of the three numbers he had chosen at some point. Among the options that the club had were the numbers that great personalities in the team used at the time, of course, even when they arrived, the number of Paul Aguilar, that mythical one who had used Luis Roberto Alves ‘Zague’ and even the one who carried Christopher Ortega.

“Right now I saw the ones that are available and there are about four or five that I have in mind, but I still haven’t defined anything. I’m going to see what they offer me, to see what they offer me or I make the decision; I have three in mind: 11, 22 or 17. Let’s see if one can be made between those three”, commented Zendejas upon his arrival at the club.

The same case that happened with Jorge Mere, Although the team did not officially reveal the number that the details would use in photographs or videos, it is something that in recent days they have let pass in the club and of course, with the magnifying glass that is now seen from social networks, it was possible to notice to Zendejas with the number that he would use in this tournament, being one of those that the footballer he wanted to wear had already mentioned, due to the importance and hierarchy that they once had in the azulcrema team.

In this way, the number used by the player during training is 17, which once belonged to Zague and became the leading scorer for the Eagles. That would be one of the goals of the former soccer player Necaxa, who already had the opportunity to score his first goal as a Rayos player on the first day of the Closure 2022 and also culminated the Shout Mexico A21 as the Mexican with the most goals, so there is the opportunity for him to achieve great things wearing the America shirt.

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