What movie am I watching this weekend: ‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ (Netflix)

A weekend full of emotions of all kinds awaits us, from the fun mystery posed by the second part of ‘Daggers in the back’, called ‘Glass Onion’, to a thriller about crime families such as ‘The Tailor of the mafia’ or an option to see with the whole family on Christmas day: ‘Matilda de Roald Dahl, the musical’.

For Ignacio Parron – 23 Dec 2022

The long-awaited sequel to is now available on Netflix. daggers in the back. Rian Johnson returns to pose a fun mystery with Daniel Craig like the researcher Benoit Blanc. In this installment, the detective is invited along with a group of rich and eccentrics to spend a weekend on a luxurious private island in Greece, where they will play a role-playing game similar to Cluedo. But, when the game gets real, BEnoit Blanc must discover the real murderer and solve the mystery of the Glass Onion.

Graham Moorescreenwriter of Deciphering the enigma (The Imitation Game) debuts as a director with The mafia tailor. This action thriller takes place in a single location: the workshop of a tailor who works for different criminal gangs. His business is fruitful until tensions break out in the small business of the seamstress. Script twists, suspense, intrigue and a good cast headed by mark rylance, Zoey Deutsch (The Politician) Y Dylan O’Brien (teen wolf).

This classic tale by the Welsh writer returns. Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical adapts the play of the same name based on the book. It tells the story of the prodigious youngest daughter of a family in which she does not fit. Matilda has a boundless imagination and a passion for literature that differs from those of her parents and siblings. The only support she has from her is from her teacher, Miss Honey, the only one who understands and encourages her outside of her house, and from an abusive school principal. The film has Emma Thompson (Years and Years) Y lashana lynch (Bulletproof) among his cast.

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