What is William Fichtner doing, Mahone in ‘Prison Break’?

We said yesterday (the paraphrasing was accidental) that there are not a few movie stars who have publicly regretted some of their roles and, in this review of shame, William Fichtner conspicuously appeared, and it was conspicuous for two reasons: the first, that the actor usually speaks very well, always, of all his works, so it is strange to see him criticize or regret any role; the second, that the movie he regretted (The alligator trap) is from 1996, and there are those who do not locate this man anywhere before Prison Break (2006-2009).

But yes, the truth is that Fichtner, even leaving aside his time in As the World Turns (a soap opera in which he has participated on different occasions since 1987) he already had a good background before arriving at the series of the best prison break on television.

He had had episodes in other hit series like the west wing of the white house and had lent his voice in different productions, both film (Mr. & Mrs. Smith) like videogames (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas) and, of course, he had participated in —a lot of— successful movies: Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, The Perfect Storm, Armageddon… And also some far from the action genre, such as Endsville either What else can happen?

Between 2005 and 2006, just before joining Prison Breakhad starred Invasiona scary series in which he played Sheriff Tom Underlay that had a single season.

william fichtner invasion

While developing Prison Breakembarked on other projects, such as The dark knight (where you might remember him brandishing a gun protecting the bank) or The God particlereleased in 2010 with Antonio Banderas as headliner.

He was as Burch Cavendish in the 2013 version of The Lone Rangerand the same year he had a role as Carlyle in the fantastic Elysium. From there, she started fooling around again with recurring roles in series (Crossing Lines, Empire) along with others in cinema (ninja turtles either Independence Day: Counterattackto name a few), but without a doubt it was in 2016 when he got what I think is another of his fans’ favorite roles: that of Adam in the great series Mom, of Anna Faris, a role she kept until the cancellation of the series in 2021.

william fichtner mother

The latest project in which he has participated opens this year: 88, by director Eromose (also director of Legacy, with Idris Elba), and has lists to be announced St Sebastian (which stars and deals with survivors in Russia after a nuclear war), The Gettysburg Address (a documentary in which he lends his voice along with other personalities such as Lili Taylor or Cary Elwes) and Hypnoticwritten and directed by Robert Rodríguez and with Ben Affleck (with whom he has already shared set in Armageddon) and Alice Braga (with whom he coincided in Elysium), in which a detective investigates the mystery surrounding his missing daughter and a secret government program.

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