What is the SES MedeA program?

The managing director of the Extremadura Health Service (SES), Ceciliano Franco Rubio.

The Extremadura Health Service (SES) has approved the tender for the public purchase of innovation to develop the technological platform of the MedeA program. It is a system of “Clinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine in Health Services”, a technology by which physicians will be able to access genetic information, the history and characteristics of the patients or the interactions between drugs in order to choose the best combination for their treatment.

The public contract has a budget of 4,088,924.10 euros, to be developed between 2022 and 2023. Thanks to the MedeA system, healthcare professionals will be able to have a clinical decision support system which will integrate pharmacogenetic / omic, clinical and pharmacological analyzes with an innovative methodology applicable to Primary and Hospital Care of the SES in its Electronic Medical Record system.

Along with this platform, the tender includes the development of two evaluation systems: one based on genetic data and another that allows the stratification of healthy volunteers and patients for their inclusion in research projects and Clinical Trials (PePS), and another of clinical evaluation (Adverse Drug Reactions) in patients in regular treatment under living conditions everyday (Devices- “Internet of Things”).

When will the MedeA program be implemented?

Once the software has been developed, it should be validated in real clinical conditions. To do this, in 2021 the study of the Clinical Validation cohort began [MedeA21], which aims to evaluate 3,000 patients by 150 clinical researchers in 50 centers throughout Extremadura. This information is expected to be available by the end of 2022, constituting one of the differentiating characteristics of this initiative.

Thanks to the MedeA system, the SES will position itself as the pioneer health system in the implementation of Comprehensive Personalized Medicine. In this way, Extremadura will be able to receive from 2024 medical care based on a strategy that integrates and relates the relevant information of each one of them with the aim of adjusting the most appropriate therapy.

This bet, in addition, implies a better efficiency of the system: by prescribing drugs that are more adjusted to the characteristics of the patient, they will be more effective and will improve their condition with fewer side effects, optimizing their use and favoring the sustainability of the health system.

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