What is the rate of rent increase in August, what percentage? Calculating the August Rent Increase Rate for 2023 Residential and Workplaces, Adjusting for July Inflation – Fotohaber

The calculation of the rent increase rate began in August 2023. The inflation rate for July was announced at the last minute by the Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat). After the inflation data, the WPI data – CPI and the rent increase in the new month became clear. At the moment, on the agenda are questions about whether the August rent increase rate has been determined and how it has taken place. The current rent increase, which provides for an agreement between landlords and tenants, is being questioned for August. On the other hand, the question arises as to whether the 25 percent limit will continue. Well, what is the rate of rent increase in August 2023, what percentage, how is the calculation made? Here is the latest situation…

The processes of calculating the rate of rent increase in August gained momentum. As you know, WPI – CPI indicators play a decisive role in rent growth. The inflation rate for July was announced by the TEC today, August 3, at the last moment. Thus, the ratio of housing and jobs in the new month was determined. While the residential rent increase has remained constant for some time in accordance with the decision of the Department of Justice, the validity of the 25 percent limit application is curious. At this point, questions began to seek answers about whether a rent increase rate had been announced for August 2023 and how much it was. Well, how much, by what percentage was the August rate of growth in rents for housing and jobs after the WPI consumer price index? Here are the details.

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