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After all these years, Marvel finally explained why Natasha Romanova, the Red Room’s greatest assassin, is codenamed Black Widow. Developed by our Stalin, the Colorado Hall was a secret Russian school for training young spies and assassins.

Although Natasha was his most notable recruit, there were others who followed in his footsteps, such as the second Black Widow, Elena Belova. In the comics, Natasha Romanoff was among the first Red Room recruits chosen by Stalin. There’s been a lot of speculation over the years as to why the Red Room gave their girls this code name, mostly based on the idea that Black Widows are alluring assassins. According to urban myth, the black widow it always kills the male after copulation. While it tends to be this way, scientists did see examples of surviving male black widows… if anything, the name doesn’t come from here.

The first series. Amazing Adventures and Marvel Fanfare

– Similar of Suspense vol. 1 #52 Black Widow’s first appearance in the Marvel Cosmos dates back to 1964, when she began in a compilation starring Iron Man. ) is a traditional femme fatale, in one case commanded by the Soviets along with a thug named Boris to kill a Russian defector working with Tony Stark in the US.

Elena Belova, opponent, villain or ally?

After understanding the half-sister variation, it’s her turn to follow the path she’s going to take with Hawkeye. This will be her next series format and, theoretically, this year. This has now been affirmed. What is known from the post-credits scene of the film is that she is going to be a villain or a plot enemy. Well, that’s what emerges from a chat between her and Countess Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who turns to Barton (Jeremy Renner) with a claim that those who have seen Endgame know to be false.

What happens now is unpredictable. Firstly, taking into account what has happened to date with the Marvel series, which begins by pointing to someone as an enemy or a villain, and ends up going round and round and changing it at the moment that it pleases. Or, as in Loki, they play in ignorance until the end. Hence the distrust of what will be the real role of Belova in the Hawkeye chronicle and her pupil Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). Things are going to go, yes, successors. In addition to this, they promised to teach another heroine, another Echo.

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