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The race of Marcelo Flores as a professional you can catapult importantly with your transfer to Real Oviedo of the Spanish Second Divisiona team that offered him projection and that, away from all the spotlights, will help you grow in all aspects.

The player’s representative William Zamarripaexplained to halftime what were the points that prioritized together with his family to make the decision: to leave an institution like the Arsenal from England.

“The idea was quiet the noise above him a little; and finding a team, with that noise, would have been a mistake. We focused on understanding what the best step was, because today the economic part is not important. Good offers arrived and we prioritized the environment and all the context, the city and the minutes they could give him. Also the issue of being communitybecause due to Brexit – the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union – it loses that right and that is why the Spanish market was tempting. Oviedo gave us all those variables and it was the best step for his career”.

Being in Spain too will help Chelo Flores with the languagesince although he has been playing for the Mexican National Team for more than two years -in minor and major categories-, still suffers with spanish.

“That part was an important variable, but it was not a priority; is one of the things that adds up a lot, that Marcelo being able to speak Spanish all the time will help him a lot. The step that Marcelo took is natural, he came out to have minutes week after week and start accumulate experience As a professional, train with a first team and let’s not forget that the Second Division of Spain is very competitive, it’s not an easy League and that’s part of the analysis that was done”.

Marcelo Flores, mature despite his age

With 19 years old, Marcelo Flores raises expectations among Mexican fans, some request it for the National selectionwhich would represent extra pressure for him, before this the representative declared: “In Marcelo I notice a mature boy and that his priority is to play soccer. I notice a very strong emotional intelligence for his age, but internally he is not moved by the noise it generates; far from frightening him, it motivates him, because he knows that it can be a long race”.

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