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The murder of the young teacher Alexandra Morales, 24, has shocked the community and especially the teachers, students and parents of Benefield Elementary School, in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where she taught first grade students.

Morales went on vacation to Mexico and never returned. Mexican authorities found his body in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. Shortly after, they arrested her boyfriend, Fidel Barragán, 28, who is being accused of aggravated disappearance, although more serious charges could be added, such as femicide.

This is what is known up to the time of his death:

Students and relatives mourn the death of teacher Alexandra Morales

Morales’s students still have not assimilated what happened. María Palacios, mother of one of her students, told Univision Noticias that her daughter had started crying when she tried to explain her disappearance and that the girl only asked when her teacher would return.

For many of her Hispanic students, having a teacher who spoke Spanish was critical.

According to Palacios, Morales was a great help to his daughter, who still does not speak English very well. The girl told her one day that she wanted to be a teacher “like Miss Morales.”


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