what is it and how can you earn dollars for walking

It is a new way to play, train, complete healthy challenges and earn money while being immersed in the crypto universe

Cryptocurrencies gave rise to a new video game category: the play to earn (play to win), that instead of “collecting points” allow accumulate digital currency.

The proposal, popularized by ax infinity, used by families in Argentina to obtain an income in dollars, continues to grow. According to data from the consulting firm Newzoo provided to iProUPlast year billed $175.8 billion last year Y It will pass the $200 billion barrier in 2023.

But now a new modality arises, known as move to earn (move to win), which combines not only the games and the cryptocurrenciesbut also the fitness.

What are move to earn games and how do they work?

and graWhile the games play to earn (P2E) provide an economic return based on skills and time invested, the platforms move to earn reward those who perform certain “physical” activities, such as walking, jogging, or running in the “real world”. To do this, combine:

  • GPS: with satellite information they track the movement of the player to grant them the benefits
  • Non-Fungible Tokens: As in the play to earnthe characters with which they participate are NFT
  • Blockchain: all the operation of the game and management of funds is done through the chain of blocks
  • GameFi: an acronym for games and finance, it is the paradigm of new games that reward users

However,how titles work move to earn?. There are several ways, depending on the proposal of each platform:

  • Role-playing games: in which the user gets into the skin of the character
  • Physical exercises: moving the virtual reality avatar generates
  • Challenges: You can challenge an opponent in real life, but on the virtual ground

The potential of this industry is such that even OliveXthe fitness company behind the game The Dustlandpurchased land in The Sandboxone of the main crypto Metaverses, last year to open his gym 4.0.

The firm uses another concept of digital currencies: just as Bitcoin rewards miners based on proof of work (Proof of Work, that is, the processing they offer to the network), The Dustland rewards players based on Proof of Workout (Training Test).

What is the main move to earn game that pays to exercise?

Martin Furst, CEO of Fanstactic, reveals to iProUP that one of the best games in the M2E universe is stepnwhich is the one more capitalization of market currently possesses.

This is a health and fitness app that is free-to-playnamely, no need to invest to use its “basic” version. However, for earn tokens in their fitness activities, the user needs buy a trainer in NFT.

Each of these “crypto personal trainers” trades, on average, for 9 SUN (Solana)which are equivalent to u$s350. In addition, they can be improved and come in different types, qualities and models.

How are move to earn games used?

Stepn allows that, following the orders of the trainers in NFTusers get rewards for your runs, walks and other physical activities.

According to the developers, the project aims to inspire millions of people to wear a healthier lifestyleconnect them with Web3 and fight climate change.

For this, the game offers several gamification functions in the app, namely: level up trainersminting of new coaches, mystery boxes (with prizes), NFT customization and social interactions.

There are others who follow him, but not as closely. This phenomenon is similar to what happens with NFT marketplace. There are several interesting ones, but Opensea’s volume and capitalization is much higher than the rest,” Furts details.

What other move to earn games are there on the market?

Another of the games highlighted by the experts is MetaGym, the first to allow exercise in the metaverse. Upon entering, the user has an avatar in NFTcalled MetaGym Buddiein which heart rate, breathing pattern and vital markers can be measured.

The way to earn cryptocurrencies is to complete the different challengesboth respiratory and routine running and exercises of endurance.

Dotmoovs It is another alternative that makes it possible to earn tokens $MOOV completing workouts, thanks to its function of Augmented realityin which it combines the virtual space with the real one.

You can even complete training in real-world locations and earn rewards. The points earned allow buy game items (avatars or upgrades).

In addition, there is the option of using them to participate in contests and leaderboards to win prizes.

Another popular game is Slang, which offers the possibility of having NFT slippers. For every minute you exercise, you earn tokens $CALOwhich allow the purchase of fitness equipment, training programs and nutrition plans in the platform’s marketplace, or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

Animal lovers can play genopets, in which $GENE tokens can be earned for raising a virtual petwhich evolves according to the commitment to its care.

Points are also earned for “walking” it, selling it, or trading NFTs to other players.

How much can you earn with move 2 earn games?

Furst notes that “you really earn a lot of money daily if you really move with the app and dedicate time to it. It is similar to the play to earnwhich offered higher rewards at first and then the market cleared.”

“I imagine he’s going that way. You can earn $3,000 a day. The big difference is that it is possible to earn money doing running and other sports“, highlights.

According to the expert, “it has very interesting consequences for the environment, since you not only consume and burn calories, but also measure the carbon footprint, energy consumption and savingsgenerating a benefit for society”.

How to boot into Move to Earn games?

As in P2E titles, in M2E you have to have a non-custodial wallet (What meta maskfor example) and deposit a certain amount of ethers (depends on each game) that can be obtained in Argentine exchanges. Then you will have to connect that wallet to the app of some of these games to acquire the NFTs that will allow you to compete.

The digital artist known as “fair” comments to iProUP that the games play to earn represent one of the most creative ways of bringing usefulness of NFTs in real life.

“I’m always talking about them and I love everything that’s going on,” says the artist. She remarks that to start at Stepn”It is not mandatory to make an investment, but it is important to have an invitation code to be able to enter the app“.

In addition, he highlights that Stepn is the game that has “Better economysince they are carrying the utility of NFTs to the next level. In addition, it massifies its use in a simple way for the public”.

The artist points out that there are projects that must be followed up on, such as genopets Y Dotmoovsalthough he considers that they are still in development.

Nahuel Burbach, Community Lead of Pool Together for Latin America, points to iProUP that “the idea of move to earn it’s captivating. The complexity lies in achieving a model that is sustainable over time“.

“Basically, the incentives they offer can maintain their value or attractiveness as more participants join. Certainly, having a extra motivation when exercising is very interesting“, he affirms. Indeed, if these games can maintain their validity, the price of the tokens they distribute will also be valid.

A) Yes, the crypto world continues to revolutionize the gaming scene promoting that the user also take care of their health and earn money for it. Another question unthinkable a few years ago that the digital economy makes a reality.

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