“What is happening is a world shame”

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The Romanian footballer has three more months left on his contract. the club will be soldbut Anamaria Prodan, in a sharp reaction, claims that a change in the team of Nicolae Stanciu is out of the question for the time being.

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Anamaria Sold in a rage

I read it too. No, I don’t know anything about it, so all the nonsense appears in the media from here in Romania.

He has three months left on his contract, the championship is over, and he is being paid on time. We read about all the misfortunes of the world in Romania. What is happening in Romania is a disgrace to the whole world.

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All visitors argue with coaches, register, write messages to each other, threaten each other. Everyone comments on the refereeing, this is a world shame. I am ashamed to admit that I am part of this football.

He has nowhere to go, neither FCSB nor CFR Cluj will take him. Romanian teams can’t afford to pay Stanch. At the moment, no one has money to pay salaries, they get along fine.

When the championship ends there and if something happens there, with his team, then we will certainly negotiate with any team that is interested in acquiring Stanciu.

All Romanian teams want Stanca, absolutely everything. But if you have a salary of more than two million euros, somehow you need to see who can afford it.— said Anamaria Prodan, according to iamsport.

FAREWELL, King! What Anamaria’s famous tattoo looks like now

Two years after breaking up with Laurentiu Regekampf, Anamaria Prodan changed his family tattoobehind.

The FIFA agent had a huge tattoo on her back that featured three of her children, as well as Laurentiu Regekampf.

Anamaria Prodan adorned her ex-husband’s face with three roses and posted the image on her Instagram account (Photo in the gallery below).

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