What is emotional decoration and how to apply it to your home for greater well-being?

If when you cross the threshold of the door of your house you do not feel a sense of relief and well-being, it will mean that it needs an urgent change. A home should transmit those positive feelings to whoever lives in it. As well as representing a comfortable, safe and quiet space in which to rest and recover strength after a long day at work or meeting other people. If not, you are losing quality of life. But the solution is simple, you just need to apply the ideas of emotional decoration.

A smell reminiscent of something from childhood, like vanilla, or colors that transmit peace, like neutrals. Or quite the opposite, better lively tones that fit with the feeling of vigor that you would prefer to feel when you return home. Each person has their own preferences and that should be reflected in her house, that is the emotional decoration.

What is the emotional decoration?

The objective of emotional decoration is based on inspiring positive emotions in people by creating a home that is more personal, close, welcoming, comfortable and safe. Although where the key to achieving this resides is precisely in the first concept, that is, that there is an identification between identity, personal tastes and preferences and the aesthetics and personality of the rooms.

It is not so much about following trends or fashions, but about decorating and arranging the rooms faithfully following individual tastes to create an environment that satisfies those who are going to live in it. The emotional decoration is not intended for visitors, it is for oneself. After all, the idea is to add well-being.

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So you can apply emotional decoration in your home

Although the first thing that comes to mind with the word decoration is furniture, the reality is that there are other elements of the home that can have the same or even more impact than furniture on how a room is perceived. So it will not be very difficult or expensive to give a real change to a house following the precepts of emotional decoration.

One of the main factors to take into account are the colors, especially of the walls, but also of the objects that complement the furniture. Such as cushions on the sofa, a tablecloth on the table or a rug. Changing elements like these will already make a huge difference.

The same happens with something as personal as it is frequently forgotten: aromas. Surely it has ever happened to you to enter a house and notice a smell and how it fits with the personality of that home and its residents. You can resort to scents or air fresheners to find one that fits perfectly with you and that makes you feel comfortable every time you come home after a hard day.

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