What is aerothermal energy, what is the price of the installation and how much it is amortized

More and more people decide to change the traditional systems of combustion heating and natural gas for more efficient and less polluting ones. With them we can also enjoy heating, cooling and hot water, but reducing electricity and gas bills. The aerothermy is a clear example of this.

It is an air conditioning system. extracts energy from the airWhat is found in the environment around us? and converts it into heating, cooling or hot water It is a very efficient system since it allows extracting up to 75% of the energy from the air. It only consumes electrical energy to run the compressor motor: for every kWh it uses, it generates between 3 and 4 kWh of heat energy.

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Aerothermal energy encompasses all systems that allow energy to be extracted from the air. These facilities are promoted by the Recovery Plan for Europe “Next Generation EU” and the Transformation Plan for Spain. Among the systems, these two stand out:

  • Radiating floor: It is the heating system that most closely matches the ideal temperature distribution. Through some ducts installed under the floor, they allow the room to be air conditioned by letting the water pass through. With it a more pleasant and homogeneous heat is achieved, which are the radiators, with which the heat accumulates at the height of the ceiling, which causes greater losses of thermal energy. It can be installed with any type of pavement.
  • Low temperature radiators: They work like a conventional radiator. But they are more efficient because they work at a lower temperature.

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How much does it cost to install an aerothermal system?

There is no exact answer, but It varies depending on the square meters of the house, because the necessary power of the heat pump, the length of the hydraulic installation and the necessary meters of underfloor heating depend on this. Taking into account that it is not recommended in houses smaller than 90m2, the cost would go from 8,000 to 24,000 euros For houses that exceed 200 m2.

aerothermal not recommended for small housesmainly for two reasons. When consumption is low, it takes longer to recover the investment and it is recommended to install a gas boiler. In addition, in small houses the heat pump accounts for 70% of the price of the aerothermal system, while in larger houses it is around 50%. Also, the more m2, the better offers we find in the price of underfloor heating, which varies between 60 and 70 euros per m2 with installation included.

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How much do we save on the bill to recover the investment?

According to a study by Saunier Duval, which takes as an example a 100 m2 house located in Madrid of 100 m2, with medium thermal insulation and a comfort temperature of 22 °C, it is possible to save 41% compared to a gas boiler natural, a 61% compared to a diesel boiler and a 77% compared to an electric boiler. That is, we must calculate the savings compared to the heating system used previously.

Despite the high initial cost, it is estimated that the savings provided by aerothermal energy and underfloor heating allow amortize the installation between 5 and 12 years. In addition, it must be taken into account that the installation of these systems can be financedso that the savings from the gas bill can be invested in paying it.

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