What happens if a wisdom tooth is not removed?

In the structure of human teeth, there are 4 wisdom teeth. Since the wisdom teeth can grow in and out, the other 28 teeth have already erupted and are in place, so there is nowhere for the wisdom teeth to come out.

What happens if a wisdom tooth is not removed?

If your wisdom teeth are in an area that won’t cause problems, your dentist may not see the need for extraction. Even the removal of a wisdom tooth, which does not cause problems It will serve as a bridge for future dental treatments.

If you have wisdom tooth pain and the pain disappears some time after taking the medicine prescribed by your doctor, your wisdom teeth should be removed as soon as possible, as the comfort caused by taking the medicine is temporary. When the effect wears off, the toothache of wisdom will start again if you have a weak immune system, your mouth is not well-groomed and hygienic.

If the wisdom tooth is not removed, these pains will continue. At the same time, we should not forget that after some time around impacted teeth, that is, wisdom teeth, the formation of cysts begins, which are constantly suppressed by antibiotics.

If the wisdom tooth is not removed, the teeth will become crooked.

Especially; People at a young age seek orthodontic treatment to correct crooked and irregular teeth. Since the pressure created by the wisdom teeth during eruption exerts an effect on adjacent teeth, this force causes the teeth to move. This push causes the teeth to crook.

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