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the dress that Victoria Federica chose to attend the Starlite gala was anything but real and discreet. Minutes later, by chance, the granddaughter of the king emeritus met another guest – Gunila von Bismarck herself – with the same model. Her aunt, Queen Letizia, starred in a similar episode just a few months ago. The dress it was from Mango and the guest, one of the winners of the Queen Letizia Awards on disability. Both posed smiling and enjoyed the coincidence. A folklore put it even better with this iconic phrase: teeth, teeth.

victoria federica best looks

The best looks of Victoria Federica

Nothing is known about Victoria Federica’s reaction, only rumors about a possible discomfort. It is enough to remember that the almost newly appointed influencer He is barely 22 years old, and fame, although it comes from his cradle, is not always easy to manage –especially when certain levels of popularity are reached–. It should also be noted that Vicky Fede has come here for this: her desire to be linked to the world of fashion and trends, and to work actively for brands and designers is a fait accompli policy. But she’s also doing what 90% of girls her age do for her. Be influencer with more or less followers with more or less repercussion is the game that the young and not so young play in 2022. Like when children play youtubers in front of the mirror bathroom. As when the members of the generation millennial they chose their spice girl favorite and imitated her at the school function on duty. Be influencer it is not so much the profession of the future as the new way of relating in the present. It’s the bowling alley of the seventies, the disco Light from the nineties.

Not an Instagram star

Victoria Federica tells 220,000 followers in the social network, that is, a number that already allows you to semi-professionalize your profile and therefore make it profitable, but that does not even touch the 2.7 million it has, for example, Mary Pombo. Victoria also performs a job as influencer in which your agenda is not your priority: in the last six posts on your feed of Instagram There are only two in which a commercial agreement is understood, the rest certify their presence at parties and various events, and the occasional personal trip – to Peru, specifically. Is a influencer more than can make a living from creating content but neither is it close to the astronomical figures that other colleagues manage.

In this sector (that of influence) the impact is measured through numbers and Victoria Federica, according to the situation map analyzed in previous lines, is an exception. Everything she does, everything she carries from her and herself without the need to do or say anything, generates a volume of comments that far exceeds those that can be counted in profiles with a greater number of followers. Her name produces a direct, almost instinctive reaction, for better or worse. It is the last case of love it or hate it, a kind of cathartic exercise for a society hungry for true references that has to settle for an ocean full of quite similar fish. However, she has been the granddaughter of the king emeritus and not another influencer the one that has starred in this latest phenomenon halfway between fascination and absolute disdain, and that promises to last as long as a story. Unless Victoria Federica changes the rules of the game again.

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