What does the train of Ms. Marvel 1×03 mean?

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‘Ms. Marvel’ has reached the halfway point of its emission. The Disney + series has released the third episode of the six that make up the fiction starring Iman Vellani. In this chapter a new threat has broken out who is looking for Kamala’s bracelet and her powers and more enigmatic visions. The last one, which takes place at the end of the episodeshow a train whose meaning seems key for the future of fiction.


After fight with Kamran’s motherthe leader of the clandestinesa group from another dimension that need Kamala’s bracelet and her powers to return home, the young woman and her rival, played by Nimra Bucha, have a new revelation.

In said vision, he appears on a train bound for Karachi, with the city uniting with the Khan family. This railway is not new in the history of Kamala. Precisely in the previous chapter, the teenager discovers that his mother’s family, Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) escaped to karachi on the last train out of the city after Partition.

Kamala’s vision it is clearly linked to family historical memory, because the vision links what happened with his great-grandmother, Aisha, who disappeared during the flight. In episode 1×02, it was learned that Sana, her grandmother, also disappeared on the train, being a little girl, but who was able to return and reunite with her father thanks to following a trail of stars.

Since Kamala put on the bracelet of his family, not only have his powers awakened, but he has started having visions, first from his great-grandmother and now from the train. It is evident that Aisha’s disappearance is key to understanding the reason for those visions. In chapter 1×03, Sana also explains to her granddaughter that she also has these visions and hints that Muneeba may have had them as well.

It seems clear that Karachi is the key and that Kamala must return to her roots in Pakistanbecause these visions unite four generations of women and can explain what really happened on the night of the Partition.

On the other hand, visions can also be a sign that Aisha is still alive. It is confirmed that The Clandestines belong to another dimension, which means Aisha too. You may not be on Earth, still alive and you’re trying to communicate with his descendants through the bracelet and Kamala’s visions.

Aisha can know that the other Clandestines plan to return to Earth, which could lead to the destruction of the planet. Hence, the woman is sending signals to his great-granddaughter, as a way to warn her and help the people of Earth. for now, the young woman has to travel to the land of her parentswhich means that its origins will be explored more and, with it, this great mystery related to the visions and the bracelet will be solved.

The three remaining episodes of ‘Ms. Marvel’ have to figure out what looks like a way to close wounds with the family pastas well as have to show how the link between Kamala Khan and her future mentor, the powerful Captain Marvel, will be formed of Brie Larson, since it is confirmed that the teenager will be in ‘The Marvels’, whose premiere is scheduled for July 2023.

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