What does Iván de Pineda invest in?

INI arrived to revolutionize the market: it has a fintech infrastructure system that allows large companies to create their own payment brand, boost their business ecosystem, and reach unattended market niches. Today they work with large oil companies, mass consumption companies and the media.

The boom in new fintech as-a-service technologies allows more companies, with knowledge of a business niche, to reach consumers and merchants with solutions that suit each of them. ThereforeEnrique Cortés Funes, CEO & Co-founder of INI and Alejandro Repetto, CTO & Co-founder devised a payment system that represents financial inclusion.


“INI has among various products and services, POS terminals that can operate with connectivity but have the particularity that they can process payments even when there is no internet,” says Cortés Funes.

For his part, Repetto adds: “we are a fintech company that offers infrastructure for companies with business ecosystems with the main objective of reaching everywhere, even when there is no connectivity.”

The renowned driver and businessman, Ivan de Pinedajoined as an investor and highlighted: “Traveling around the world gave me the opportunity to see many communities that are isolated because the internet does not reach them. Bringing payment and collection services to these places is a huge opportunity for companies that want to boost their business ecosystems. The World Cup in Qatar is a great opportunity”.

World Cup opportunity

“Events like the World Cup are an opportunity to demonstrate our technology in operation due to the saturation of networks due to the large number of people in the stadiums.” – Repetto points out.

“Today we have a global partnership signed with Globant and its WaaSabi product that allows us to reach markets in which they are already working, including the opportunity to work together with FIFA and the Spanish La Liga” – remarked Repetto.

INI spans the globe. It marks its presence in Argentina, Mexico and with the possibility of reaching remote places in Africa and Asia, such as Qatar.

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