What does a cryptocurrency need to be added to an exchange, according to CoinEx

Last Thursday, November 25, 2021, CriptoNoticias responded to the invitation of the exchange CoinEx to participate in an AMA (Ask me anything or Ask Me Anything, according to its acronym in English), where they talked about the cryptoactive market and the role of the media in this ecosystem.

The event was moderated by CoinEx marketing managers, who are known to their Telegram community as joseit0 and KAELTA. CriptoNoticias was represented by Sander Machado (advertising consultant) and Alfredo Oquendo (editor).

While all the points made at the AMA were interesting, there was one in particular that attracted a lot of attention. One of the users asked CoinEx representatives: what are the main criteria that this exchange takes into account when adding a new cryptocurrency for trading on their platform? Joseit0 answered saying, first of all: “We do not care about the price of a cryptoasset to be able to add it to the exchange”.

The CoinEx marketing manager clarified that the price of a cryptocurrency in the market is not very relevant compared to the information about the group of developers and executives behind the project. The analysis of documents such as the White Paper and the Roadmap of a new cryptoasset is elementary.

The evaluation of the White Paper and the Roadmap of a project related to cryptocurrencies is recommended, not only for trading platforms, but also for interested investors. Source: Pixabay.

The White Paper is where you will find information about each aspect of the cryptocurrency and its interaction with the network in which it works (whether it is its own or not, as is the case with the tokens that work on the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain). The Roadmap talks about the progress of the project and its goals in the short, medium and long term.

The information in the aforementioned documents, added to the reputation of the management and technology team working on the development of a certain cryptocurrency are the main criteria that CoinEx takes into consideration before giving the green light to an asset on its platform. Of course, there must also be interest from exchange users, since, if there is no intention to buy and sell, it will only be a dead token in the list.

The media and the crypto market: the topics of the first cross AMA of CoinEx and CriptoNoticias

The first cross AMA that CoinEx and CriptoNoticias shared was made through the CoinEx voice channel on Telegram and was carried out in two stages. The first of them was questions between the representatives of the exchange and the news outlet. The second included the participation of the listening public.

The first part of the AMA discussed topics such as the rise of NFTs and CoinEx’s plans to add this market to its platform, as well as its plans to expand its P2P trading services in the future. Furthermore, the exchange representatives explained the advantages that the implementation of the CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) brings to its users, a blockchain managed by CoinEx that is compatible with Ethereum.

On the part of CriptoNoticias, we talked about the origin of this communication medium, the keys to its impact on the Spanish-speaking bitcoiner community and the plans for the coming year 2022.

The audience took their opportunity to take the floor to present their concerns to the representatives of CoinEx and CriptoNoticias. Source: Pixabay.

Then, during the second part of the AMA, the audience asked very interesting questions to the representatives of both companies. It should be noted that the average number of users connected to the channel remained above 700 and reached over 800 people online.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, CoinEx representatives discussed the exchange’s criteria for adding a new crypto asset to its platform. Likewise, they talked about the future development and expansion plans of this cryptocurrency exchange, as well as the security it offers to its users.

The listeners’ questions to the CriptoNoticias representatives were also very interesting. Among them, those referring to the possible risks of being practicing journalism related to cryptocurrencies in countries such as Venezuela and the challenges the newspaper has gone through on its way to this day.

At the end of the AMA, the most relevant and interesting questions were chosen and CoinEx rewarded these users through its platform. Everyone present also received gift packages from the exchange, consisting of 1 CET, a token native to the CoinEx ecosystem.

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