What characters do the best MultiVersus players use?

One of the simplest features of MultiVersus, and at the same time one of the most interesting and grateful, are your online bookmarks. Available from the game menu itself, the markers allow you to draw all kinds of conclusions, such as the characters that are sweeping the competitive and the preferred choice of proplayers. It is true that nothing is set in stone and that they will change over the weeks (several nerfs and buffs have already been announced), but they serve as a guide and header for those who have not yet decided on which fighter to specialize in.

MultiVersus best characters

Favorite MultiVersus characters for 1vs1

These are the characters used by the top 30 MultiVersus players for one-on-one matches:

  1. bugs bunny
  2. Superman
  3. Superman
  4. Batman
  5. tom and jerry
  6. Superman
  7. Jake
  8. shaggy
  9. Jake
  10. Superman
  11. Batman
  12. shaggy
  13. Jake
  14. bugs bunny
  15. Jake
  16. Wilma
  17. Iron Giant
  18. harley quinn
  19. bugs bunny
  20. shaggy
  21. Jake
  22. Batman
  23. Batman
  24. arya stark
  25. arya stark
  26. Wilma
  27. shaggy
  28. bugs bunny
  29. shaggy
  30. wonder-woman

Best MultiVersus Characters

Favorite MultiVersus characters for 2vs2

Regarding the list for team games, includes many characters specialized in support work and changes a lot with respect to the previous one.

  1. bugs bunny
  2. bugs bunny
  3. tom and jerry
  4. Iron Giant
  5. bugs bunny
  6. Iron Giant
  7. Wilma
  8. Wilma
  9. shaggy
  10. bugs bunny
  11. Wilma
  12. Batman
  13. bugs bunny
  14. bugs bunny
  15. Superman
  16. shaggy
  17. tom and jerry
  18. bugs bunny
  19. Wilma
  20. shaggy
  21. Perreno
  22. bugs bunny
  23. Iron Giant
  24. bugs bunny
  25. bugs bunny
  26. Iron Giant
  27. wonder-woman
  28. Wilma
  29. Wilma
  30. Wilma

Best MultiVersus Characters

Who is the best character in MultiVersus?

Bugs Bunny. Without any doubt. Yes before the first update it was Taz, now the chosen one is Bugs. He dominates both the 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 rankings. He is the most repeated main character among the MultiVersus experts.

Apart from Bugs, the other faces that sneak into the top positions of the markers are those of Superman, Batman, Tom & Jerry, Jake and Shaggy individually. For their part, the Iron Giant and Vilma are the co-op stars.

Best MultiVersus Support Characters

There is only a meritorious Iron Giant among the top 30 MultiVersus players, but the figure multiplies when we talk about 2 vs 2. The same thing happens with Vilma, which proliferates in tag team matches. They show that individual duels are not the same as team duels, and there is no better evidence that some characters are designed to shine in support tasks. You can perfectly specialize in one for when you play alone and in another for when it’s time to make pineapple with friends.

Why do people hate Perreno?

Speaking of support characters, there is one designed with 2 vs 2 in mind that Not even for those does he manage to show his head in the markers. We only see a Reindog in tag matches and the number comes up… 21. 21! Cheers to whoever achieved the feat. But of course, who the hell is Perreno?

Best MultiVersus Characters

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