What are the chances of getting a MIR place in 2022?

MIR evolution graph.

The Ministry of Health has published this Tuesday the provisional list of admitted for the examination session MIR 2022, and the rest of the tests of the Specialized Health Training (FSE), which will be held on 29 January. Fundamental information for applicants, who can make the first approximations by ratios and estimate the probability of obtaining one of the 8,188 spaces for doctors offered by the Government in this call. A figure that has reached historical levels.

According to this first list published by the ministerial portfolio led by Carolina Darias, at least 12,477 applicants have been admitted, while 1,434 applications have been declined due to different issues, such as lack of documentation or failure to meet deadlines. These results show a Estimated ratio of 1.5 graduates in Medicine for each of the places offered. A ratio historical that maintains high the chances of the MIR in the objective of obtaining a place.

In 2019, with 14,579 applicants and an offer of 7,512 places, the ratio was estimated at 1.94 doctors by quota offered. A similar figure to that of previous years, where the ratio of applicants per position was around 2. Specifically, in 2018, this indicator stood at 2.27 candidates by position and, in 2017, in 2.21.

In previous years, the proportion of doctors per vacancy offered continued to decline. In 2016, it fell to a ratio of 2.12 candidates per position and, in 2015, to 2.04. In 2014, it was 2.01. This figure managed to drop from 2 in 2013, when it stood at 1.92. However, the previous year it once again reached the threshold of 2.15 applicants per vacancy.

What are the novelties of the MIR 2022?

However, although the ratio is maintained, different aspects of the year have been transformed compared to the previous call. The first of these novelties is the increase in the number of questions. As made official by the Ministry of Health, the test will consist of 200 questions, plus 10 reserve questions, which represents an increase of 25 questions. In addition, applicants will have a total of four and a half hours to solve this new exam format.

On the other hand, Health will maintain the same formula to choose a place from the last call, which was the subject of controversy due to protests by all health groups. This was done by means of a choice model on-line in daily shifts of 400 people.

Thus, the allocation of places will be made exclusively by electronic means, according to the request made by the people who have achieved the minimum score, in strict order from highest to lowest individual total score recognized in the definitive list of results.

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