“We’re not that tall!” In Indonesia, basketball is in decline, the king of sports is badminton

In Indonesia, football is very popular, but the love of the whole nation belongs to badminton. Indonesian badminton players are dominating the world stage, having won many top honors.


Indonesian sports journalist

We have private sector backed badminton development programs. There are clubs that develop legendary players and develop young players, resulting in great athletes. Every small town in Indonesia has a local competition. There is competition between neighborhoods, as well as between residents of neighboring houses. It is very funny!

The broadcast team was a bit surprised that baseball is also played in Jakarta. No Taboo provided an opportunity to watch children’s tournament baseball games. According to the organizer of the tournament, this sport is also developing.

When the sun goes down and the steam subsides, popular sports wake up in Jakarta: the squares and parks are filled with many active Jakarta people who run, play ball and, of course, badminton. No Taboo journalist Roberts Blass also participates in physical exercise with the Jakartans.

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