Weekend strategy in cryptocurrencies (November 12-14)

The second trading week of the month of November has left us a new historical maximum for the 4,864 dollars reached last Wednesday the 10th.

In the last seven days the winner in profitability at this time corresponds to the one with a revaluation of the + 3.35%, followed by a revaluation of +2.84% and thirdly Ethereum with a + 2.39%.

On the opposite side we have a fall of the -13.5% and from -6.15% and in third place the one with fall of -3.83%.

Main cryptocurrencies

Main cryptocurrencies

In recent weeks, the dollar cryptocurrency has entered the radar of many investors, due among other reasons to its great revaluation that has had since last October 23 from $ 0.00002766, it was listed on October 28 at a maximum of 0.00008840, impressive, And more impressive the fall of the 28th to the current price of today Friday October 12 at 0.00005238. A true roller coaster.

I have received various inquiries asking for my opinion on investing in this Shiba Inu Dollar cryptocurrency and in that sense I would like to transmit, regardless of whether this cryptocurrency rises or falls the following:

Before investing both in cryptocurrencies and in any asset, I recommend training and learning about the risks that are run and not being carried away by comments, publications, forums, without previously knowing what economic and particular consequences the investment can cause, in addition you have to invest the capital that is not going to be needed in the short term. This is vital if you don’t want to get into big losses.

On the other hand, depending on the risk profile of the investor, very short-term, daily, intraday investments can be made, or a bet on the future can be made on the technology or trajectory that the chosen cryptocurrency may have, in the latter case the return profitability that is expected should be in a long term. On the contrary, what is intended is to invest a small amount, in a short time “quick returns” and make a fortune with it, not always, but in most cases it will be closer to failure than to success. Training and learning about the risks that are run and knowing how it works is vital before starting an investment.

What do you think, do you agree?

As usual, I pass on the results of the strategy carried out last weekend, it has once again been positive and therefore, congratulations to all of you who have followed it. The entry volume was 2 contracts with entry at 4,470 euros and closing at 4,600 dollars and the net profit has been 260 euros.


For this week I am going to mark the following strategy:

Ethereum is making a cut and consolidation movement of the increases made since last September 30. This consolidation momentum can push you to the $ 4,440 / $ 4,360 levels. In this sense, I am going to incorporate my weekend strategy. The real-time quote at the moment is at $ 4504. I enter Sell Sold at market price at the level of $ 4608.57 with a protection stop at $ 4878 highs and profit profit at $ 4,440, although the fall may deepen to the level of $ 4,360.

I’ll give you a screenshot of the entry already made:


Remember that incorporating an appropriate volume to the account is vital to make the operation successful and that past returns do not guarantee future returns, therefore, the risk of the stop jumping and going into losses must always be valued.


I give you the link of the YouTube recording:

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