Week of November 15

Exo One “Gnowee” Gameplay Trailer

The Last Stand: Aftermath (With Artist Games, PC / PS / XB, Tuesday 16)

The Last Stand proposes a zombie survival game with a roguelike element, in which we control a character infected with the virus who must make as much progress as possible before succumbing to the undead or the infection itself. You will have to travel through a scorched land, collecting resources to make new weapons and items, and experiment with different mutations to obtain certain abilities. Each new survivor will receive the items unlocked by the previous one, in a collaborative task making his way through the apocalypse.

The Last Stand: Aftermath – Launch Announcement Trailer

Moncage (Optillusion, PC / iOS / Android, Tuesday 16)

Moncage is a puzzle with a unique aesthetic in which the objective is to explore various worlds trapped within a cube that are shown by forcing perspective. Through optical illusions, the different chapters appear, and within each one of them there will be a new piece to discover or unlock. It is reminiscent of a mix of The Room, Gorogoa and Superliminal, so it will be necessary to see if it can fulfill the promise of being this week’s big surprise.

Moncage – Official Release Date Trailer

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story (Choice Provisions, PC / NS, Tuesday 16)

Riot Games continues to expand the League of Legends franchise, and this time it joins the Choice Provisions studio, the team behind the extraordinary Bit.Trip franchise, to develop this rhythmic game focused on Hex, one of the champions, who will have to go through a series levels to the beat of the music using his iconic bombs. The big news, however, is that the game will be one of the first original projects to land on the Netflix game service that debuted this month.

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story | Official Announcement Trailer

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition (NAmeTheMachine, PC / PS5, Thursday 18)

It is not a game in itself, so some may complain about its presence on this list, but it is not every day that the 21 years of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesia albums are celebrated with an interactive experience created from concept art. original and recordings of that time. True to the style of the band there is a lot of conceptual in the project, so those who venture to this exhibition know that we cannot anticipate what we are going to find. The good news is that it will be available for free on the Epic Games store.

Kid A Mnesia Exhibition – PlayStation Showcase 2021: Teaser Trailer | PS5

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Square Enix, iOS / Android, Wednesday 17)

Final Fantasy VII’s battle royale finally debuts on mobile devices around the world. How could it be otherwise coming from Square Enix, the game will include many role-playing elements, and of course they will be taken from the most popular series of the company, in addition to characters, spells, weapons, invocations and much more. The First Soldier also has a story as an excuse, set 30 years before the events of the main game, that tells of the recruitment of different soldiers for Shinra’s army.


Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (Frogwares, PC / PS5 / XSX, Tuesday 16)

After a short stint in the HP Lovecraft universe, Frogwares returns to his love with a new Sherlock Holmes adventure that is actually a prequel to the previous ones, as it introduces us to a couple of young Holmes and Watson in the origins of their story together. The game will offer absolute freedom to explore and investigate the city using clues, rumors and disguises to discover the suspects and build evidence to prepare arguments against the accused.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (Nintendo, NS, Friday 19)

While Pokémon fans are still waiting for Arceus, they can warm up their engines with these remasters of the games in the series released for the Nintendo DS in 2006. The new versions include graphics adapted to the new console, which dazzle in high definition with the three-dimensional models of the characters and the Pokémon. There are not many new features beyond the improvements in the technical aspect: without having seen it, you probably already know if you are interested in getting into the Sinnoh region again, and you have already chosen the version that you are going to play.

Team Galactic awaits in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Battlefield 2042 (DICE, PC / PS / XB, Friday 19)

Three years after the forgettable Battlefield V, DICE is back with a completely different proposition, leaving behind the weapons of the past to lead us to a near future where the world is in the midst of a war over resource scarcity. Battlefield 2042 continues to bet on the spectacular nature of the battles as its main selling point, with maps for up to 128 players, multiplicity of objectives and, now, natural disasters and different events. Hazard Mode is the game’s version of the battle royale, but the big news is the Specialists, replacing the traditional Classes, and they are already generating controversy in the community, but we will have to wait for the final version to have a final opinion and see if Battlefield can make the masses fall in love again.

Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer

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